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Secularism’s universality claim as a Western narrative

One of the most important characteristics describing the post-modern world is that great causes, stories, meta-narratives in which people would believe for the sake of which they would become mobilized in masses would become void. These meta-narrativ... more

Justice for Khashoggi in the time of coronavirus

The whole world is currently busy with an agenda determined by a virus, while ongoing developments also remind us that life also goes on. There is no doubt that one of last year’s most important topics that remained the longest in the headlines was t... more

Lessons from the global reach of coronavirus

The invisible enemy, Coronavirus, which is not visible to the naked eye, is a silent killer, and still has numerous characteristics that are not yet fully known. Miniscule as it is, it has already thrown all our lives into disarray with its unchecked... more

Heart of our region beats strong in Idlib

Our region is as active today as it was a century ago. We can consider certain groups’ implications through Enver Pasha as presumptuousness against our history. In the past, the state of groups that have become extremely alien to their history was ex... more

When refugees arrive at the EU’s doorstep

The influx of refugees that has suddenly piled up at Europe’s doorstep as soon as Turkey gave up the policy it had been applying until now aimed at preventing Syrian refugees who had been wanting to go to Europe or elsewhere is a topic that is likely... more

Time for Turkey to settle accounts in Syria

A nation is being systematically destroyed by means of genocide in broad daylight. The Bashar al-Assad regime is planning and making haste to continue his sovereignty over a depopulated, vacant Syria by destroying a people that do not want him. Unabl... more

‘Europe further Christianized through modernization’

Stating that the Quran is more widely read in Turkey in the modern age should not be considered as praise to modernization. The Quran being more widely read with modernization is, generally, a situation that is the result of the popularization and fo... more


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