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What lies behind claims saying ‘Turkey is a lonely country’?

Is it inevitable that Turkey will encounter great regional and global-scale great threats, tensions and conflicts in proportion with its growth, or is it, instead, a result of a failure in foreign policy? Of course, there is naturally the other side ... more

Egypt is playing the 'Arab card' against Turkey

My statements on Turkey-Egypt relations in a recent interview in Arabic with www.araby21.com, a popular website in the Arab world, garnered such a response that it exceeded all my expectations. It was discussed on hundreds of Arabic websites and tele... more

Israel’s fools

Following in the footsteps of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain has also officially taken steps to normalize relations with Israel. What they call normalization is nothing other than to turn the whole of Gaza into a concentration camp and creat... more

Do not show off in vain Macron, you’re no Napoleon

There is an Emmanuel Macron breeze blowing in Libya, in the Mediterranean, in Lebanon. As we mentioned previously, he is actually acting in accordance with France’s historical identity, existence, and style, but it is very anachronous; he is doing th... more

Macron is like a Charlie Hebdo cartoon

French President Emmanuel Macron is trying to revive France’s imperialist, colonialist past. He is longing for colonialism’s dirty, ruthless methods, massacres, tortures, and its unjust, sly, cunning and tyrannous practices of seizing the wealth of o... more

Justice at home, justice in the world

The 2020-2021 judicial year started as of yesterday. Customarily, the opening, attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey’s parliament speaker and top judicial members, took place at the Presidential Complex in capital Ankara with a ceremony... more

Merkel calls the Crusaders to solidarity in the Mediterranean

German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a statement she recently made said, “All EU countries are obligated to support Greece”; an expression very far from the impartial mediator role she had assumed for some time between Turkey and Greece. Merkel went on... more

Why does the US have a problem with Erdoğan?

I had previously mentioned in this column that the discourse claiming that the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party is the "opposition in power" no longer applies. This is because the national forces that see themselves above the people and laws... more

Being the UAE's friend is far more dangerous than being its foe

Nowadays almost everyone knows about the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) hostile attitude towards Turkey. The UAE stands against Turkey in every field and tries to halt its operations. We are not talking about legitimate rivalry here. We are talking abou... more


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