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Israel"s Aggression and the Condition of the Islamic World

As we approach the middle of the Ramadan month, the condition of the Islamic world is heart breaking. All over, because of the hot conflicts, every day an average of hundreds of people are dying, hundreds more are wounded and thousands are deterritor... more

The illusion of innocence through the Turkish Olympics

With the December 17 process, the organization, that added to literature a new type of coup attack in the history of the Turkish Republic, has recently exerted one of its most harmful damages upon certain NGOs or their ideas. For many years, Turkey ... more

Success gauge for foreign policies

The recent incidents in Iraq, an organization named ISIL reaching activity levels enough to surround Iraq and de facto dragging Iraq to a situation with no return, are developments that prove Turkey"s current posture is right. Turkey"s name being men... more

Who gives the "fatwa" for whom

I have been following up with Mümtazer Türköne"s article series on Hayrettin Karaman with a quite sad and sorry state. I felt sorry because a man with such experience in literature, political sciences simply turned into a machine gun for the sake of... more

The PKK Problem of Kurds

The people, who are trying to put a bug in PKK"s ear during the resolution process and trying to provoke a quarrel when their attempts are not enough, should be well happy and hopeful nowadays. They might be sensing that the resolution process might ... more

The world"s test on Syria

Today, the Assad regime does not hold any legitimate conditions that a state must have. If we define the state as the power which has the monopoly of applying legal power, Syria is in a position where everyone can get armed easily and use violence. ... more

Elections without voters and ballot boxes: Egypt and Syria

Simultaneous elections were held in Syria, where there was no ballot box, and Egypt, where there were no voters. It was impossible to locate ballot boxes everywhere in Syria due to the civil war. Ballot boxes were set up in districts under regime con... more

The rise of the mothers whose kids were forced to join PKK

For the last 17 months, where the violence that had been the routine of the country has ceased, we all figured how issues can be discussed more easily and that every complaint, problem or demand can freely be spoken. In fact, we may take the resoluti... more

From antisemitism to Erdoğanphobia

It is cannot be disregarded that debates all of a sudden turned into a matter of anti-Semitism by means of the Soma accident and from there on it became an anti-Erdogan campaign.At first, it all must have stirred up from the rumor that Prime Minister... more

Who is scared of criticism or opposition?

On the issue of arrested journalists, no matter from which side you look at it, it is as what we say "hearsays make it worse than what really happens" Claims that can be falsified with simple and short research are treated as an absolute knowledge wi... more


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