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Israel is a kind of Jewish Daesh

Regardless of the progress humankind has made in science, technology or intelligence, and regardless of how much all this progress is reflected on politics, international relations and strategic plans, it seems a part of the world continues to live m... more

Rising racism and football in Germany

The FIFA World Cup, one of the most important events in the world, is over. France defeated Croatia in the final match and won the World Cup. From many aspects, we left behind a very interesting world cup. From a football perspective, it was a tourna... more

'Present-day coups' or from where could we be hit by a coup?

What we encountered on July 15 was not the first nor last coup attempt. But it was one that opened the eyes of the majority that would persist until the notion “there won’t be any coups in this era" is actualized. I say “the majority” because even in... more

What is Trump aiming for?

George W. Bush, who took the presidential seat after Bill Clinton, essentially carried out an election campaign that promised restoration within the U.S. However, back in that period, it was known that he was under the influence of a group known as t... more

Is this dictatorship? Have you ever seen such democracy?

As we rapidly head toward the June 24 elections, though the harsh criticisms made by presidential candidates about one another drop to a frustrating level at times, we can consider it from the good side and see this as the indicator of the level that... more

Who is promising the Kurds what?

Undoubtedly, votes from the southeast of Turkey will be one of the most important determinants of the June 24 elections. All candidates are especially ambitious to get votes from the southeast of Turkey, in other words, to get Kurdish votes. But, wha... more

The Iran factor in Turkey-Saudi Arabia relations

We had previously stated that the image of Turkey reflected on the screens of Saudi Arabia and the image of Saudi Arabia reflected on Turkey’s screens are not pleasant at all nowadays. The matter is not limited to the language reflected on the news a... more

Turkey and Saudi Arabia relations

Turkey and Saudi Arabia are the two most important countries of the Sunni Muslim world. Regional and global developments bind these two countries’ fates together. The developments in one country inevitably impact the other as well. The threat directe... more

The meaning and result of the OIC

“Verily, with every hardship comes ease.”The strange silence and apathy of the entire Muslim world, excluding Turkey, in the face of the crimes Israel committed against Jerusalem and Palestinians - this time under the explicit protection and directio... more


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