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The US is the world’s most dependent country

I have already emphasized that Trump's announcement in the UN General Assembly that the U.S. has abandoned the doctrine of globalization has no effect on the globalization process. With that, I don't mean that the globe will have no problems.Today, w... more

Can Trump stop the world?

After U.S. President Donald Trump's statements, which blatantly rejected the doctrine of globalization at the UN General Assembly, so to speak, the debate on globalization has once again been fueled. My colleague Özlem Albayrak highlighted the sociol... more

Caucasus's place in the new world order

BAKUWithout a doubt, Donald Trump is the bluntest of all U.S. presidents to date. With his words, he is removing all the elegant veils over U.S. foreign policy, taking off all the masks and laying bare the world view of a great power with all its con... more

There was one more chance, and that was taken in Sochi

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan achieved a spectacular outcome with the strong will he presented the moment all hope was lost as a humanitarian tragedy was approaching Idlib. The agreement he reached with Russian President Vladimir Putin by going to S... more

There's an alternative in fighting terrorism, says Turkey

Today, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is making a one-day visit to Sochi for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Idlib matter, energy, among other topics.It is obvious that last week's Tehran Summit on Idlib did not give the desire... more

The execution of those who survived at Rabaa in Egypt

While the world’s attention is on Idlib on the one side and on Trump’s lawsuits and the wars he has declared against everyone on the other, the military coup court in Egypt silently sentenced 75 people to death.Conducting a coup is the vilest crime i... more

To not be a spectator or a part of the ploy in Syria

We have entered the eighth year of the crisis in Syria and nowadays are in a situation in which it is acknowledged that the whole matter leads to the borders of Idlib. Now everyone is talking about what will happen to Idlib, not Syria.If the problem ... more

Immigration and citizenship in the US and Turkey

The implementation of anti-immigrant policies by Donald Trump, who is in trouble in the U.S. with his past, that started since his election campaign means, no matter how you cut it, that the U.S. is giving up on the fundamental approach that defines ... more

Trump is costing the US a great deal

In international relations, a nation having enough power for a move does not mean that it can exercise that power as it wishes. Applying force will mobilize another power against it and in this case, the price of using force would result in the limit... more

The process of the US’s self-siege

The sanctions declared after U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran became effective as of yesterday. Trump announced this period through his tweet as follows: "These are the most biting sanctions ever imposed, and in No... more

Most dangerous scenarios for the US

The turbulence in relations with the U.S. may perhaps be viewed as a new difficulty in Turkey's foreign policy. Hence, the majority see this as a link in the chain of problems that Turkey is recently experiencing in its foreign policy. The situation ... more

Saving Private Brunson

The values the U.S. is using in its relations with Turkey for the sake of saving Pastor Andrew Brunson recall the situation in the well-known Hollywood production, “Saving Private Ryan,” in which almost an entire army was sacrificed. It is obvious th... more


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