Israel is where Western values go to die - YASIN AKTAY

Israel is where Western values go to die

Israel’s presence as a state negates all claims of today’s so-called modern, democratic world. So to speak, Israel’s presence refutes all claims of the modern democratic world. It is Europe’s greatest weakness. 

On every matter that the U.S. and Europe try to prove to their superiority to the rest of the world as the “bearer of all values of the modern world” in the modern age, Israel appears on stage as an actor that throws a spanner in the works. Israel is the test of modern Western values, which it generally fails. 

The West, which tries to impose secularism as a political model, particularly on the Muslim world, never remembers nor reminds us of secularism when Israel is in question – a state that takes all its references from religious scripture and carries out all its policies, wars, occupations and massacres through religious scriptures. This is blatantly disregarded by the majority of the slew of sociological analyses claiming that the world is secularizing. 

Israel, which is virtually determining the whole world’s international relations policies today, is one of the main reasons underlying the lack of peace, instability, bloodshed and displaced masses in the region. Israel is conducting all this as if it were a religious group, in the name of settling in the land it believes is promised to Jews in the Torah, and to materialize this promise mentioned in their holy scripture. 

People’s desire to practice their faith is nobody’s business. Throughout history, Muslims even afforded all the freedoms and honorable conditions required to ensure Jews and Christians freely practice their faith. However, while this belief of those ruling Israel is an obtrusive belief, it is also a faith that attacks  the lives, property, land and peace of innocent people. The cost of these Zionists practicing their own faith is the life, property, land and peace of other people. Such a faith is certainly a dangerous and harmful one, and it has nothing to do with Judaism – there are also myriad Jews who confirm this. 

However, an extremely bigoted, dangerous and harmful interpretation of Judaism is Israel’s official state religion today. Yet, Israel could have been the one place on earth where the modern world’s secularism claim served the interests of humanity. It could have been a regulation that protects other people against a religion, which by definition and nature harms other people, the origin of this claim. However, this is hogwash in the case of Israel; it cannot say anything or even remind us of its own principle. Secularism remains as a principle that is remembered solely against certain countries and specifically Turkey. Taking a closer look will reveal that Europe and the U.S.’s secularism claim does not even function within. It is very clear that a significant portion of U.S. and EU policies originate from their religious motivations, from Crusader and Zionist motivations. 

It is clear that the arguments developed by the modern world against racism, genocide and massacres have no significance when Israel is in question. Israel presents the most despicable and barbaric form of the apartheid regime, but the Western world does not and cannot even identify its racism. It has nothing to say about the occupation policies Israel is carrying out step by step. 

Israel has disregarded exactly 30 of the United Nations General Council decisions so far, but nobody even considered imposing any sanctions against them. They perceived the barbaric attacks on Muslims’ Al-Aqsa Mosque according to their own religious interpretations as routine for the sake of racist, bigoted, fanatical Jewish groups. At the end of the day, the “harshest” reaction that the West was able to display against the massacre of more than 200 Palestinians, 60 of them children, as a result of the attacks launched on civilian areas by Israeli warcraft, was to “call both sides to moderation.” 

Perceiving the developments as if there are two symmetrical sides, equal in terms of strength and war capabilities, as if both sides are able to fight with equal efficacy is being a partner in these war crimes. What is the source of this motivation that leads the Western world to overlook all the criteria it established itself regarding war crimes and crimes against humanity when Israel is in question? 

The motivation that drives the U.S. and Europe to overlook all the criteria that they themselves established when it comes to Israel, continued to keep them blind and mute against Israel’s latest barbaric bombing of the building where their own news agencies were located. The building which contained their own news agencies, such as Reuters, Associated Press, was razed to the ground within minutes with assaults reminiscent of the September 11 attacks, with the excuse that Hamas members were also actively operating there. This attack was the result of the intolerance against the transmission of Israel’s systematic crimes, its now routine crimes against humanity by world media. The freedom of expression and press champions, who never stop talking about pressures on journalists in Turkey, did not have much to say about this matter. 

Thus, Israel is where all the values and claims the West has been working on for two centuries come to die. The West’s non-reaction towards Israel refutes its own claims. Further, its nerve to support Israel in the name of “the right to defend itself” or “moderation between both parties,” is complete suicide on behalf of all of the West’s claims. 


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