‘If you have enough money, you can kill as you like’ - YASIN AKTAY

‘If you have enough money, you can kill as you like’

We are still talking about the Khashoggi murder. It appears that we will be discussing it for a while. Because the case has many dimensions which concern everybody in one way or another. The details are still not completely unveiled and every new element that is revealed is going to bring the issue back on the agenda. The attitude of certain countries toward this murder will continue to be on the news. Some may desperately want this case to be closed and for those responsible to get away with it.

I must say that nobody will get away with what they did, they simply cannot. Even to this day, those who committed this murder paid the heaviest price anyone could pay, and this is only a small portion of what they are going to pay overall. Because of this murder, they lost their dignity. They are feeling an abasement no murderer has ever felt before. No one even dares to look at their faces.

Besides the abasement and embarrassment, they were also subjected to heavy financial losses as they are also facing the danger of losing their power. You should not be deceived by the way they grab their chairs, as those seats have no reputation or value in the eyes of the people anymore.

You shouldn’t be deceived by Trump’s attitude and you should not think that his attitude can protect these murderers forever. To tell the truth, it was a mystery how Trump would react to the CIA report and everyone thought that his attitude would determine the future developments in the Khashoggi murder case. As expected, Trump’s attitude was the same from the beginning, and he chose material benefits over justice.

By saying “Our intelligence agencies continue to assess all information, but it could very well be that the Crown Prince had knowledge of this tragic event – maybe he did and maybe he didn’t!” Trump stated that he is not going to take the outcome of the report into consideration and he will only be concerned with America’s interests.

You may think that his attitude is a typical example of American pragmatism and that it is a predictable stance, which is true. There is no way that we can expect justice from this attitude. However, it is not only Trump in the U.S. who can be pragmatic. This means: while there is the barbarity of the Khashoggi murder and the clearly immoral attitude of Trump by ignoring this savagery and presenting it as pragmatism, on the other hand, there is an opportunity for his opponents to reveal his immorality and I can assure you that they will make seize this chance. This shows that Trump’s overlooking of this murder will cost a great deal for him and his team.

Hence, following Trump’s statements, the Washington Post, the newspaper that Khashoggi worked for, stated that this attitude actually means “Flash enough money in front of the president of the United States, and you can literally get away with murder.” It is clear as day that this harms the U.S’s image in the world and the values that it claims to represent. From now on, all the dictators, terrorists and tyrants will have the confidence and courage to commit crimes against humanity as they wish and get away with it as long as they bribe the U.S.

In fact, we could say that this already summarizes the U.S.’s foreign policy in the Middle East and the world at large. Do we really know any instance when the U.S. tried to topple a dictator just because he committed a murder or carried out a massacre? The only concern of the U.S. about dictators and crimes against humanity has been whether they have been acting independently from the U.S. or not and whether they have been bribing the U.S. enough or not.

However, these policies can always be disguised with fancy discourses. The American legend functions mostly under this mask. The Khashoggi case and Trump’s attitude towards it will lower this mask and also force those who overtly support this policy to pay a political price.

Of course, we cannot say confidently that in the end justice will prevail, but it is certain that this will create an earthquake effect and send a tremor through politics. Consequently, neither those who committed this murder nor those who ignored it or those who protected the perpetrators will get away with this.

There are still people who claim that the U.S. or Trump planned this to force Mohammed bin Salman to accept certain policies. However, in this scenario, it is clear that the way things unfolded in the Khashoggi murder is irking Trump and Israel more than MBS.

We shall just ask this simple question and there will be a sufficient explanation: What did the U.S. and Israel ask of MBS that he didn’t deliver?

The Zionist press of Israel and the political circles in the country have been mourning since the beginning of the Khashoggi case. To avoid any misunderstanding, they are not mourning for Khashoggi, they are mourning for MBS. What happened to MBS, an ally who only comes once in a century, distresses the Israelis as much as it distresses Trump.

They are probably also infuriated with him for messing up a simple murder, which they would not even object to. One would be out of their mind to think that they could be behind such an incident that would put their beloved ally into such a difficult position.

In short: murders can be ignored in exchange for money, but matters are progressing in such a way in the Khashoggi murder that in the end, those who covered up the murder, ignored it and took a bribe to overlook it will also be held responsible. We do not know what this process will lead to. Things haven’t slowed down yet. We will wait and see.


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