The parliament speaker is the coalition code - YAŞAR TAŞKIN KOÇ

The parliament speaker is the coalition code

The result that will emerge after the election rounds on Tuesday and Wednesday to choose the parliament speaker will also give us the big clues on the coalition that will be formed.

No, it's not that way…

As of now, the clarification of who the parliament speaker will be is not at all showing that it will indicate any coalition.

The atmosphere in Ankara shows that each party will support its own candidate, and the one receiving most of the votes in the last round will win.

In the last round it is obvious that the candidate of the AK Party and possibly the candidate of CHP, Deniz Baykal, will compete.

The only way for the AK Party candidate to lose is in the case that three opposition parties agree on voting for Baykal who will get to the final (or with a little surprise the candidate of MHP, İhsanoğlu) without a wasted vote.

Therefore, the parliament speaker election will not radiate signs for the coalition. But if Baykal gets to the final, we will see whether HDP and MHP agree on the same candidate (or make a surprise: will HDP vote for MHP's candidate if İhsanoğlu gets to the final?).

We don't have a formula; there is a competition we will watch with excitement and perhaps laugh a lot.

Meanwhile, who will the AK Party's candidate be? You will have learned while reading this article, but he hasn't been announced yet; probably Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu announced either the Minister of Defense, İsmet Yılmaz or the Minister of National Education, Nabi Avcı, yesterday during the iftar dinner.

My personal assumption is that Nabi Hodja will be nominated, but these things are not certain.

In these days, when we still couldn't find the answers to the questions wondered about in domestic politics, on the other side insistently I am trying to draw attention to the things going on in the Syrian border that will shape our future more.

While trying to find the answers to the questions, like will there be a coalition in Ankara, with whom, or a snap election, we are trying to understand what is being considered for the future of Tel Abyad and the Resolution Process as well.

It's not only us journalists, but also all the other parties have the same mental confusion.

For example, in the narrow-scoped meetings, HDP is discussing how they will react against Turkey's possible intervention more than you can assume.

Or the statements of Qandil “correcting” each of its statements seriously.

Our fears are coming true as expected; yesterday morning the attacks and clashes started in Kobani.

Once again, ISIL appeared again with an unexpected raid.

HDP's co-chair, Figen Yüksekdağ's formula is ready; “The government did it. Because they are jealous of us…”

The spare party in the region, everywhere the Democratic Regions Party is immediately expressing that they are on red alert.

Besides, “Didn't the partner of AKP, ISIL pass through Turkey's territory?”

Then when camera records disproved this thesis, we pass to the phase “How was it possible for the cameras to record the moments of the attack?”

When it was understood that there was a security camera recording for 24 hours, there was a temporary silence but what a sorrow: Did what is desired happen? Yes, it did…

Any more, for a long time we have nothing to do with the realities.

The important thing is-especially in the communication speed-to spread the lie that is necessary.

The only thing is adapting the instant formulas for each situation and to yell the same point of view always and always.

The truth on how ISIL makes things more difficult for the other oppositions in Syria supported by Ankara is not important.

It is also not important that the American planes immediately appear in the sky when PYD fights against ISIL, but when ISIL fights against its oppositions, they never appear.

It is also not possible to express the perception operations continuing by all means made both internally and externally which I even can't remember how long ago started against Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

When Hakan Fidan became undersecretary of MİT (National Intelligence Organization) the campaign exhilarated for him was repeated again when the President of Religious Affairs, Görmez, in an outstanding way was under focus during the discussion at the iftar dinner.

Could the campaigns in which Erdoğan is in the center and which have been going on by adding certain names during certain periods be coped with? Quite difficult…

As long as there are intellectuals and media who claim an iftar dinner costs 500,000 liras and hundreds of thousands of people who believe it, it is quite difficult.

You live with it in politics.

We are on our own after all is said and done.

But if the things become a matter of life and death just as establishing Kurdistan obeying the plans of the outsiders, being divided, independence, crossing the border with inadequate means; with the American aid coming from the sky, you will reach the limits of the campaign, twisting the truth.

Let me make a sentence here which I know well that all the roots, connections, organic relations and all the contemporary components of HDP learned when they were young.

What was Mao saying; “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun…”

I wish, hopefully, God forbid, with all my heart, I desire and wish we don't have to “live” this sentence, neither Turks nor Kurds…None of us…


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