The ones combing their hair as the villages burn - YAŞAR TAŞKIN KOÇ

The ones combing their hair as the villages burn

A considerable amount of people exist in our country who will be delighted if Morsi's death sentence is carried out tomorrow.

It's not because they have any objection to Morsi, it's not because they like Sisi either…

It's because of the relation they established between Egypt and Turkey.

Similar to the people who became depressed after a Syrian airplane had been shot down within our borders after not responding to the warnings.

Similar to the people who felt god knows what as the missile radars under the control of the Syrian regime were locked on our planes…

There are also people who became hopeful after two HDP buildings were bombed simultaneously and professionally in Adana and Mersin.

You'd think that we are heading towards a war, not elections.

There are people who are saying “If they lose in the elections, they will declare war”…

There are people who are saying “They will attack Syria before the elections and the elections will be cancelled”…

There are people who would even be very pleased if a big meteor approaches to our country… you'd think that they are living somewhere else. As if they have a chance to live. Most of them don't even have money to go abroad; however, they are not aware that they are trumpets of the ones, who will be going to the U.S., Canada or Europe with a dual passport, big amounts of foreign currencies or at least with solid connection at the earliest opportunity….

If you ask them, they are the central media, they will reflect the general; however, they do not mention the rally of a million people on their website and disregard it in their newspaper.

If you are reading and believing them, no such rally happened in Istanbul.

It's a good gauge to measure how crowded and enthusiastic a rally was.

Disregarding and destroying by ignoring are old tactics.

They don't work anymore.

How long left till the elections.

There are no more than three weeks before the true colors are revealed.

They are making news about the “deep analyses” of nondescript, untitled, virtual bouncers.

Just in case…

Maybe once again, a single party will come to power.

Maybe all the surveys are showing an AK Party above 45%, and a HDP that cannot exceed the threshold.

It's necessary to already discredit what will happen by revealing it.

Maybe should do even more… if they are becoming a rulership alone, then we should play upon three things;

One; deceit has been/ is being/ will be done.

Two; taking the political Kurdish flow, who couldn't enter the Parliament, to the streets.

Three; processing the worry that an ungovernable country will be formed…

Then let me write this already….

As of May, the data of all the important survey companies are not showing that HDP exceeded the threshold.

The possibility of not exceeding is strongly possible.

In the same surveys, AK Party is above 45% and the recent Istanbul rally shown that they are being recuperated just a couple weeks before the elections and advancing towards an increasing momentum.

These are normal results that could be encountered in any country that conducts elections.

The contrary might also happen. The rulership might lose and the coalition period might start.

The matter is not about what will happen.

The matter is activating a gigantic mechanism and chasing ways, and pursuing cunningness to object to the possible results.

False news, disregarding, bombing, gossips, drawing meanings out of domestic and foreign news to our detriment.

In summary, it's the fortune telling of a mentality that says, “I wish a fire will break out and burn the country”.

But, this is our country.

If something happens to it, we are the ones who will be here living with it.

No matter what the results of the elections will be, we should accept it and look ahead, instead of taking sides with the ones saying, “If we are losing, let this nation burn”.

There cannot be millions who are deceived by this.

Let them sing the folk songs of the ones, who will continue combing their hair as the nation is burning, all alone… What's it to us?

What's it to us, to the nation with its Turks, Kurds, Alevis, Sunnis, right winger and left winger?

The ones, who were having a great time with the foreign officers during the Istanbul invasion in May 1919, were of the same fabric with these people. The ones, who had gone up to Samsun and started the Independence War and supported them were also the children of this nation.

On this opportunity, I'd like to celebrate your May 19th Youth and Sports Day.


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