The documents match his life story, don't they? - YAŞAR TAŞKIN KOÇ

The documents match his life story, don't they?

The impact of Yeni Safak's headline from yesterday is evident in the debate it sparked which lasted all day and is still going on.

It seems like it will continue to be so and become the leading topic of discussion programs on TV, and in columns and expert opinions in the upcoming days.

This is inevitable, since the newspaper stated that it will continue to reveal issues and documents related to this topic one after the other.

I am talking about the articles related to Fethullah Gulen's identity as a Freemason.

It is not surprising to hear Gülen's lawyers have stated that they will file hundreds of lawsuits against the claims, like they had been doing for a long time, nor is it surprising to see the refutations which were sent in no time as well as the opposing statements.

The inventions which were fabricated by people who particularly support the Gülen Movement on social media, their “so called” circles who have no adherence and their representatives to underrate the article have no significance whatsoever at this stage.

We are going through such an era that sufficient technological and data development have taken place to be able to claim that an authentic document and a wet signature is fabricated.

Our experience proved this and on top of that, some members of the Gülen Movement are well aware of this.

In the near future, more advanced and new techniques will presumably be discovered to be able to tell the difference between a fabricated document and the authentic, as more work is being done on this throughout the world.

With respect to the article itself, there is a serious allegation with palpable supporting documents.

It is known that the debates and the content seen in the aforementioned documents historically correspond to the division among the Freemasons at the time.

We will see what the new documents, witnesses, and experts which will all be revealed today and in the upcoming days have a say on this.

I think what particularly should not be overlooked in total is the construction processes of Fethullah Gülen's cult.

An enormous structure which was constructed at the end of his career, which he started off as a muezzin who only finished primary school.

Gülen's success gained wide currency, despite the fact that he had adopted an approach which conflicted most people in the Nur community, and came to the fore from among the many influential figures of this community.

His ability to establish an Association to Fight Communism in the mid-1960s when he was enlisted as a soldier and came to a city while he was off duty.

His ability to receive explicit personal support and protection from numerous figures including Kenan Evren, the leading figure behind the September 12 1980 coup; Turgut Özal, Bülent Ecevit and many others from the present day.

The fact that he currently has surprising support from the academic sphere and the media is based on his rooted relations in the U.S.

And finally, having the administrative management over a structure which had the capacity and courage to carry out the December 17 and 25 coup attempts, but lacked the sense of mission…

Isn't it surprising for a man to be exposed as a Freemason when his life story is quite obscure, full of question marks, and his position has been extremely controversial in the 1960s, 70s, 90s and February 28 post-modern coup onwards?

Freemasonry may not be perceived correctly among today's generation, perhaps because it chose to stay behind the scenes or perhaps because it lost strength for a while. However, they were pretty active, brave and aggressive at the time in which the documents revealed by Yeni Safak belong to. This is why it is highly plausible for both sides to have established such relations back then.

More importantly, the fact that the Gülen Movement resembles the Freemasonry in many ways has recently been observed on a deeper level. In both movements, it is impossible to get out once you have entered. Both organize in a secretive manner, both have rigid hierarchic structures, and commands by the leader are binding in both, while in both movements their own mates have priority over everyone else and there is a widespread connection network with all circles, religions and countries in both movements, and their own interests trump everyone else's regardless of the circumstances.

This “Regardless of the circumstances” includes countries and nations, February 28, the February 7 MIT Crisis, the stopping of MIT trucks in Adana, the wiretapping of the top-level meeting at the Foreign Ministry and all other wiretappings, as well as the December 17 and 25 coup attempt operations.

Therefore, it is more enlightening to look at Fethullah Gülen's life story as a whole, before making attacks or standard defense belonging to the Gülenists.

When one contemplates about all of these, it is impossible not to ask the question: “He is apparently a Freemason, is that too much?”

Forgetting Öcalan's sentence, which was leaked in the trial records from his meeting with the committee at İmralı Prison, is totally misreading what is actually going on.
What did Öcalan say again? “They handed me over, and took Gülen…”

You probably do not think Öcalan disclosed this matchup just for the sake of saying something…


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