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Right at this moment

The photos of thousands of people who had lost their lives to tortures in the dungeons of the regime in Damascus have been published.

On each page, you encounter fifty photos of the deceased people in 4x10 frames.

The first one in line was given number 224947.

What was his/her “crime”?

This time, another F-4 fighter jet crashes in Konya.

Experts and officials are making one statement after another.

How many days has it been since another two fighter planes simultaneously crashed in Malatya right after the Tomb of Suleyman Shah operation?

Three planes, six martyrs.

I wonder, who had been annoyed by the Tomb Operation?

What was the open message of the operation?

All day long, Mosul has been wandering around in the top ten news of the world news agencies.

It seems as though it will continue to do so.

The military operation, border, airplane, map, support units and consulting words are piling up on us.

Tel-Aviv becomes obliged to open an investigation due to the attacks of Israel dogs, who were teaching a lesson to the “infant terrorist”.

According to the Ministry of Education’s Report, last year more than 200,000 children dropped out of Primary Schools.

Meanwhile, scientists announce that the Moon is continuously pulling away from Earth. The absence of our satellite, which is reportedly of crucial importance for balance and even balance on Earth, is a serious problem; however, they are also relieving us.

While it’s not possible for the Moon to completely pull away from Earth, they claim that the estimated time for this to happen is billions of years away. According to them, when that day comes, the sun would have already swallowed everything around it.

If Putin hadn’t tweeted “When there are Russian soldiers on both borders of Ukraine, then it’s completely secure”, we would have forgotten about this matter also.

While the US Dollar is gaining value on a global scale, a gram of gold is almost over 100 Turkish Liras.

Meanwhile, analysts call this; resistance, technical analysis, momentum, commodity, progress… many things we don’t understand.

The neighbors of the deceased, 62-year old Cemil Bozkuş, who left a note behind stating that he committed suicide due to the municipal police’s oppression in Adana and thus left us alone with our consciousness, are planning to make a memorial ceremony for him.

A new committee is visiting İmralı; only Sırrı Süreyya Önder, being accompanied by Leyla Zana. An announcement is expected upon their return.

Qandil continues to make statements, about this and that, through different officials before waiting for this announcement.

Anything to the detriment of Turkey is being cropped up in the world news.

Nobody is talking about whether it has any relation with the Mosul maneuver or Tomb Operation.

The ones who conceive this keep quiet, while the others parry it.

The increasing US Dollar is breaking yet another record as the sun sets.

Presumptive nominees return to metropolises in confusion from what they’ve seen in Anatolia. For example, one says “Facebook is more widespread than Twitter…”

Meanwhile, the sound of a helicopter arises in the skies of Aleppo, it drops its barrel bomb on a gasoline and diesel fuel shop, and twenty more people are being burned to death.

If we are to write in the recent bloody fashion of Turkish, which is being re-stabbed every day, “Take it easy, there’s nothing to worry”.

We have five billion years to go.

Five billion years to; commit murders, wars, invest in gold or the US Dollar, fry halva for the funeral in the neighboring house, stare at the photos of people who lost their lives under torture, prepare new ceremonies for new martyrs, and perform ablution for the Friday Prayer.

I’m not sure whether we should be happy or sad for having this much time left…


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