In the midst of bomb rumble - YAŞAR TAŞKIN KOÇ

In the midst of bomb rumble

The bomb explosion in Suruç had been followed by; the martyrization of one master sergeant and two police officers at the hands of the PKK, multiple PKK attacks and ultimately the martyrization of a sergeant at the hands of ISIL.

This disturbance and tension, which only fit into 48 hours, evolved to a whole different level following the bombardment of warplanes, which we were only informed of in the early morning.

On the first day, ISIL fronts had been bombed, while on the following night five different PKK camps were bombed.

As I was writing this article, there are news that PKK camps had been bombed again by four warplanes. If we look at all the statements made until now, we can say that this situation will continue for a while.

We need more time to understand what's happening in the midst of bomb rumble; however, let us shortly relay the observations from Ankara so that we have the chance to interpret the happenings in the near future.

Especially, the massacre in Suruç compelled Turkey to interfere in ISIL. It wasn't an expected development. Despite many reasoning and bad intentions, it was an attack Ankara least expected.

I'm preserving my doubts on the matter that even if it's being conducted under the name of ISIL and through their personnel, this is a part of a bigger project (in other words, an international attack); however, no matter what the reason/justification was, what happened had happened and now Turkey is the possessor of a new foreign policy front that is not only limited with these happenings.

Our reaction to ISIL in the first day was only our response reflex, from now on, it' clear that we will be in different surroundings with the coalition due to the agreement signed yesterday. On top of the agreement on the matter of using the İncirlik Base and establishing the buffer zone, we've tried to make this limited and flexible. I hope that the developments collate us with developments that will help Turkey to use initiative. If not, painful surprises like Suruç, eventually limit the willpower.

Without a doubt, the “Turkey equals ISIL” perception propaganda played a great role in this. Putting the honest ones of the people, who are objecting to the war, the ones, who are doing all they can to reinforce this perception, should think about their roles at the present point. Of course, if they carry good intentions.

It's no game; guns are bursting, bombs are exploding, planes are taking off…

On the other hand, the attacks, which PKK conducted by creating excuses and forming an unreasonable relation following the Suruç bombing, are the sole reason for the things they are experiencing at the moment.

I don't know what kind of a planning this organization, who has been stalling on the matter of laying down arms since July 2013 and attempting to capture the initiative in everywhere it could expand in the past ten months, did.

The only reasonable thesis might be that; they've assumed that no response will be given to their attacks in this domestic political uncertainty, where the coalition is not yet established, after the elections.

However, things didn't go according to the assumptions!...

They must have been quite surprised when they saw the warplanes around Qandil.

Their next assurance was most probably their expectation that the US cooperation in the north of Syria would continue being an umbrella against Turkey's attitude.

I guess that, now, they understood how consistent and durable this assurance is against Ankara.

The scary thing in all these developments would have been attempting to shed as much blood as they can in the whole country.

Despite all the damage they've caused, following the stern answers they've received in October 6/8 and the early election possibility, they seem to realize that their hands are tied.

Even if they can't see that the HDP image, which had been constructed after great efforts, votes acquired and the complaisance presented could be annihilated with a small civil war, the speeches of the HDP executives are giving them away.

In this chaos, it's normal for them to be unaware that the “They are setting up a game that will leave us below the threshold in an early election” accusation is revealing their own situation.

Ultimately, a process, where responding to the happenings is compulsory, has started and will continue for a while.

The first foreign policy target is to set secure borders and a Cerablus (Jarabulus)-based buffer zones after the struggle against ISIL.

The outcome of the struggle against PKK will be designated by the attitude of the organization.

Either they will continue their attitude and receive all the possible harsh responses, or they will return to the spirit of the 2013 Newroz, announce that they've ended the armed struggle against Turkey and abandoned the country with their arms and militants.

Although, when we observe everything from the inside, not much is being understood.

Thus, also take not that; following the US-Iran agreement, things in the region gained a new and different acceleration, Salih Müslim's “We will join the Syrian army” statement (which shows that he has no clue what he is saying), Assad's admission on giving up half of Syria, and, Barzani's statements in countenance of Turkey.

If not, we will be compelled to write all of this down, one after the other.


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