Cumhuriyet's 'election truck' got stuck on the road - YAŞAR TAŞKIN KOÇ

Cumhuriyet's 'election truck' got stuck on the road

The Turkish daily Cumhuriyet's news article regarding the contents of trucks belonging to Turkey's National Intelligence Organization (MİT), the way the article was projected and its legal consequences are still being discussed from thousands of angles.

With only a week before the elections, the newspaper had actually visualized the legal consequences when they were reporting “a secret known by everyone” as news, while a lot of time has passed since the incident.

We are becoming more accustomed to those who express such “courage” with little time left before the elections.

All the steps pertaining to the interception operation of the MİT trucks in the southern province of Adana are known in detail.

No one doubts that it was planned and carried out by the parallel structure.

What is even more bizarre about the “New Cumhuriyet” using material obtained from such operation is they have not realized that “such material” does not receive any response in domestic politics. In many places throughout the world, the transfer of weapons is carried out with the knowledge of many major powers, one way or another.

As much as they wanted it to have implications for domestic politics, such an article does not have any implications. It does not even have the slightest effect on the transfer of votes prior to the elections. Moreover, even if it were to have an effect, it would actually benefit the ruling party, which was targeted by Cumhuriyet daily.

Let us ask following these notes: What kind of politics would Cumhuriyet's article be used for if it does not apply to domestic politics, independent from all debates and objections?

For whom would playing into the unfounded and empty allegations which have been spread for the past few years, that “Turkey will be tried by international courts” benefit?

It seems like the “New Cumhuriyet” not only has a crooked view on journalism, but also on the value of the news, the legal limits of the article, the sources and partners of the article and the damages the article could pose on the country, due to its ideological dissociation, and also regarding the target of the article.

There is nothing we can do at this point.

Since they took the risk of consequences and wrote the article with an impetus which did not meet the target –and whatever motive- and published it, the next step will involve a serious legal process, similar to any serious country governed by the rule of law.

The article, which actually shows how important the post-election period will be –more than the June 2015 elections for which election trucks travel around the country- in a way that represents the “election truck preferred by Cumhuriyet.” When looked through calculations for possibilities, the ballot boxes will leave Turkey with approximately three major compositions on the morning of June 8.

The first option involves the ruling party obtaining over 330 seats in the Parliament and rolling up their sleeves for the new constitution, followed by a referendum in a short period of time.

The other involves the AK Party winning between 290 and 320 seats in the parliament, and preserving its rule in a strong but slightly weaker manner.

The third option is the possibility of four parties passing the election threshold, which may result in the ruling party to rule by itself only by a small margin.

Both passing 330 seats and going under 276 are equally unlikely possibilities.

The common view is that the single-party government in the parliament will continue –although the number of deputies may change-, with or without the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), according to the opinion polls published prior to the electoral silence.

Ultimately, all possibilities and varieties indicate options with the AK Party in the post-election period. Even if the issue boils down to the distribution of deputies, the potential of a referendum and although a rare possibility, if a coalition is in question, it is evident that there are no options without the AK Party after June 8.

The elections will show us how we will proceed with the years ahead of us, but until the next elections, no option forms a template without the AK Party.

Hence the reason why it is about time to start mulling over by which ways and methods Turkey will be administered, based on the common demands of the society in order to transform the country, rather than solely focusing on the election results.

As the Turkish press, I thought we had gained enough experience to realize that none of this could be made possible through the truck article of Cumhuriyet daily.

I was mistaken yet again…


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