But the truth will catch up with you… - YAŞAR TAŞKIN KOÇ

But the truth will catch up with you…

A legal debate which was mainly sparked via social media throughout the night and developed onwards has been concluded with the suspension of three judges who created speculation with their ruling by Turkey's Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK). Even at first sight, the developments, which make one ask how a legal expert can make such decisions and lead to a serious debate and confusion, has made everything unbelievable.

On the one hand, what has taken place is quite simple.

A judge who does not have the prerogative or authority to make a ruling removes all obstacles in his way through different means in order to make the ruling, and authorizes himself with his own interpretation of moving forward.

But the truth will catch up with you.

What is important here is not how this strange initiative was finalized, but its operation mechanism. How reasonable, comprehensible, and precedented it is for a legal expert to attempt to infiltrate the system through the exploitation of a few factors. For instance, the infiltration was initiated on a holiday, when the shifts of collaborators coincided, and they acted without informing anyone to decide on nearly a hundred cases on a single night.

Hence, the reason why the release affair we are currently experiencing is not a legal debate.

When looking at what has taken place, can we claim that we are encountering an act of a judge?

The courage to conduct such a strange operation alone is quite explanatory.

The same question I asked following the December 17/25 coup attempts is valid here too: this was a suicidal act and what could motivate such act?

Is it a rumble directed towards delaying the inevitable end of this initiative, after the police and military officers involved in the wiretapping, public personnel selection exam scandal, and MİT trucks case in Adana and their legal ties are slowly being revealed these days?

Or is it aimed at confusing people's heads and producing new material for channeling the initiative they had initiated abroad?

Numerous motives could be found, and excuses could be listed.

From what I see, the exposure of the release attempt has shown that it was not only impossible, but also revealed that the Gülen Movement no longer has the strength to change the balance.

They also know that their name will be included in the Red Book when the National Security Council of Turkey (MGK) convenes at the end of May.

While it will be subject to revision on a yearly basis, the Gülen Movement's name will be mentioned for a duration of five years in one of the fundamental texts listing organizations posing a threat to the security of the state.

Therefore, this issue will officially become a state matter as of that date.

It was impossible for a movement –who obtained over 40 percent of the votes at the HSYK elections with 4,500 judges and prosecutors- to not grab the attention of the state –in the wrong way-.

Of course, the movement mentioned here is illegal, not transparent and hidden.

In brief, their calculations failed, and it was impossible for their initiative to succeed as it unveiled itself, how they function, and how dedicated and organized they were.

To summarize, the release operation did nothing but to speed up the elimination of the Gülen Movement.

They personally had given credible evidence about how much of a dangerous threat they pose to the state.

While looking at these, President of the Constitutional Court Zühtü Arslan's speech yesterday, emphasizing bright sentences and the steps that need to be taken in the future for a better legal system, deserves congratulations.

Regardless of the results of the elections, Turkey's need for an urgent legal reform is reminded and insisted almost on a daily basis.

Since we started the piece with a proverb, let's end it with another one: “a good scare is worth more than advice.”


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