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Which side of the medallion?

As the attempt to designate the direction of the politics, a new and rough phase, and the decision to take action with the coalition in the Syria matter are mobilized simultaneously, we are receiving thousands of news, flash news and comments. We are... more

The week when the questions increased

Yesterday the exploratory stage of the coalition meetings between the AK Party and CHP was completed.Now we wonder whether there will be a meeting between the chairmen or not.It is another question for us, especially for the journalists, when the mee... more

In the midst of bomb rumble

The bomb explosion in Suruç had been followed by; the martyrization of one master sergeant and two police officers at the hands of the PKK, multiple PKK attacks and ultimately the martyrization of a sergeant at the hands of ISIL. This disturbance and... more

Now it is time for the coalition possibilities

I suppose the reason the minds of those who were confused became cleared a little was the parliament speaker election.It is obvious that those who felt at ease are now a little confused. Those who say with this election they could see a sign for the ... more

The parliament speaker is the coalition code

The result that will emerge after the election rounds on Tuesday and Wednesday to choose the parliament speaker will also give us the big clues on the coalition that will be formed.No, it's not that way…As of now, the clarification of who the parliam... more

Early election or a coalition?

The question is constant, but an answer is yet to be found. The pursuit for that answer is continuing. Newly elected parliamentarians are slowly starting to arrive at the Parliament building. They are walking on the red carpet laid in the Hall of Hon... more

Let's hope for the best

When a fuel delivery was completed for daily Cumhuriyet's election truck by the United Nations, the headline of the video that we completely watched last year went fifty meters further rough and tumble. When we look at the editor-in-chief's article y... more

Cumhuriyet's 'election truck' got stuck on the road

The Turkish daily Cumhuriyet's news article regarding the contents of trucks belonging to Turkey's National Intelligence Organization (MİT), the way the article was projected and its legal consequences are still being discussed from thousands of angl... more

The ones combing their hair as the villages burn

A considerable amount of people exist in our country who will be delighted if Morsi's death sentence is carried out tomorrow. It's not because they have any objection to Morsi, it's not because they like Sisi either… It's because of the relation they... more

But the truth will catch up with you…

A legal debate which was mainly sparked via social media throughout the night and developed onwards has been concluded with the suspension of three judges who created speculation with their ruling by Turkey's Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (... more

The documents match his life story, don't they?

The impact of Yeni Safak's headline from yesterday is evident in the debate it sparked which lasted all day and is still going on.It seems like it will continue to be so and become the leading topic of discussion programs on TV, and in columns and ex... more

A century ago today

A hundred years ago, enemy ships were coming closer with the brilliance of having finished their landing preparations.Then, on March 18th, they saw the splendor.Then, by making the worst decision in World War history and actualizing a land operation,... more

Right at this moment

The photos of thousands of people who had lost their lives to tortures in the dungeons of the regime in Damascus have been published.On each page, you encounter fifty photos of the deceased people in 4x10 frames.The first one in line was given number... more


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