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The Brazil – Germany Game and Turkey

When Brazil conceded five goals in 18 minutes against Germany and left the game with a 7-1 defeat, all hell broke loose.

No such thing had happened in World Cup semi-finals, Brazil had never been in such a situation, the world had never been this surprised with a game result.

At any rate, it caught everything in the name of football.

As for us, let"s approach this situation from a different point of view.

Let"s make the comparison between the two countries in the sense of equity markets.


As you can remember, Brazil was one of the rising countries, who were expressed as BRICS, (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South America) as well as being one of the promising countries.

Moreover, Brazil was being appointed as a role model for developing countries.

Today, this perception had collapsed.

Their rising economy is quite fragile nowadays.

When we compare Germany"s and Brazil"s equity markets" past five- year performances, we observe that DAX had provided a 100% contribution to it"s investors in the past five years, while Bovespa had made no progress with its 3% interest levels.

Even when we make our comparison in terms of the past two years (July 2012 – 2014), this scene doesn"t change.

While DAX"s profit rose above 50% in the past two years, Bovespa"s profit levels made no progress.

On the other hand, in terms of the past one-year period, both profits are close to each other...

During the one-year period, while DAX index"s return is around 23% levels, on the side of Bovespa we see that the return levels are around 18%.

The rise on the side of Brazil originates from the World Cup in a vast scale.

The fund flow might be cut right after the ending of World Cup.

In such a case, Brazil"s economy, which is already fragile, could be exposed to another new shockwave.

In other words, it seems that organizing the World Cup is not always the right thing; aside from the cost and grandiosity, it can pave way to such disorders and instabilities.

As the case may be, such a giant football country like Brazil can be unhappy and unsuccessful.

This is a comforting situation for Turkey.

In our hearts, we, of course, desire to see Turkey in the World Cup finals.

For a country, in which the football market is exceeding 500 million Euros, rarely being able to join the finals is a saddening situation.

Emphasizing the reasons for our failure in sports is a must.

In the past few years, even though we had put our signature on great economical moves, we weren"t able to reach a consistent success in sports.

A system is a must.

We had covered such a distance in economics with system and substructure.

When we analyze the past 5-year performance in the equity markets, we can see that the Istanbul bourse, or BIST, had provided a contribution of around 110% to their investors in the past five years.

Our economical greatness had tripled in 12 years, and the income per capita rose from $3000 to over $10,000.

Great declines had been observed in fiscal deficit, borrowing and interest payments. We had seen that the fiscal deficit, which was 11% in 2001, had regressed to 1.1%.

Moreover, following the rise in GDP, recoveries had been provided in debt indicators.

So much so that while the ratio of the EU defined outstanding external debt to GDP was 74% in 2002, it regressed to 36.2% as of 2013.

Turkey leaves the category of countries, of which Brazil is a member.

Turkey set sail for new horizons.

At a time, when humanity pays less attention to the Israel terror in Gaza than the Brazil – Germany game, the need for Anatolia"s civilization move is increasing.

Turkey also represents hope among countries like Brazil, who are made to run after a ball for many years and whose economy is destined to constantly skid.

If you attain an economical success, a permanent sportive success will follow as well.

Germany, who doesn"t make any compensation in production, had come through the global economical crisis with great success and substantial earnings.

The same Germany put its wobbly football together and hit the throttle once again.


Football and production are necessities.

The one who produces scores the goals!...


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