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"Not a farewell, but loyalty" the loyalty to a productive Turkey

Our new Prime Minister Mr. Ahmet Davutoglu"s word "this is not a congress of farewell but loyalty" is quite important.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whom the people brought to the seat of presidency with great esteem in the first lap, sufferingly built the ground for the plan of saving Turkey from the tutelary regime.

He made the ground available to build a "national will" on it.

Owing to Mr. Erdogan"s charismatic personality, we advanced as a country.

Now, it is time for us to promote our country in the direction of the 2023, 2053 and 2071 goals to the levels which it has always deserved.

We will all see, God willing. Everyone who desires to advance his or her country to an ideal level will bear with the burden.

There are many important steps to be taken in the fields of education and culture.

In these fields, our intellectuals and societies should do their work contingent upon them.

And, of course, we are supposed to switch into a mental transformation in accordance with the "new Turkey" vision in economics.

From now on, the industrialist will forget about saying, "Oh, I will just do my montage and make money" or the engineering will stop saying, "I will simply market an already updated product." An academic will give up on saying, "I will just do what previously people did."

The "new Turkey" will produce. In the first lap, we will produce information and technology; right after that, we will stop our dependence on energy.

We will remove the obstacles one by one.

The real reform condition in the education.

What lies in the foundation of the production of technological devices with the additional value is education. Knowledge occurs by itself. The human builds knowledge.

In order to produce the information the input education quality must be at the ideal level.

In the last 11-12 years, what was left behind was the classrooms were built reaching 205,000 and the university, which was 76 now reached 175.

This field also became a quite significant specialization. The whole issue is how to benefit from using the convenient ground and thus we should train our own competitive guys.

The education world will be integrated with the market. We have to remove the external disconnections or the ideological confinements or innovation restrictions, all the traces of the ideological educational model.

Research Activities – from theory to practice

In first lap what will be produced since the benefits of the theoretical knowledge are confined, the knowledge must be put in effect. This practice process is also using the research and development activities. Today the information which is produced under the university –industry collaboration can transform this information into a theory. However, we can observe that this is not the ideal transformation.

In terms of research and development activities, I should admit that we are so backward and fairly distant; we realize that we write with numerals. We should finish one thing absolutely. This is one of the issues related to the "new Turkey".

Energy Independence

We are exporting 98% of gas, 92% of the fuel oil and 30% from the coal. If we consider the local and renewable sources production then the imported energy dependence shows 72%.

Even so, in 2013 we spent on the energy import 60 billion dollars. This situation indicates that energy dependence is a serious obstacle against the development as well as with the transformable sources importing just as it can be transformed into investments which can be financially manageable indicated in the economic deficit coming out of energy.

It"s the time we ended our dependence or if we can lessen it as energy/input costs, we will very much reduce it.

This will help our production grow stronger. We will become too competitive.

We cannot overcome the energy dependence which we extract from the natural sources such as the sun and wind, in order to deal with that problem. This situation invariably offers that there is still class without an alternative. Just like current time, two nuclear energy centrals are looking for a knowledgeable person in social sciences. Recently, a contract was signed to open two nuclear energy centrals. After the construction of the centrals and activation, there seems no burden will be left to our country to uphold.

The ideological resistance based on ideological foundation and we should not bother what they can do with such provoking "disturbed countries".

ECONOMY and Political Stability.

The inevitable condition for us to realize our goals is stability. It"s a must do.

Therefore, as the title for his article, I used an excerpt from Davutoglu"s speech, "This is not a farewell, but a loyalty congress." In a medium in which personal expectations come to the front, political stability can be at risk.

In order to avoid this end, always have loyalty!

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