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With which political party should AK Party form a coalition?

Our economic data related with coalition periods are not that bright.

The growth rates are quite low; an average of 1.2% during the 1999-2002 period and 2.7% during the 1991-1994 period.

Inflation entered our lives following the multi-party coalition period between 1971 and 1980, and the U.S. Dollar currency rates were devaluated by the coalition governments in 1978, 1994 and 2001.

A coalition is equal to instability. Nine governments were formed between 1991 and 2002 and their average lifespans were 1.2 years.

In that period, five of those governments had lifespans lower than a year.

All the data show us that the coalitions are affecting economy negatively.

However, the outcome of the elections is imposing a “coalition” and at this point we should think “which could be the least worse coalition?”.


As you know, following the 41% voting rate of AK Party in the June 7th general elections, AK Party is continuing their leadership they acquired in 2002.

From this outcome, no coalitions without AK Party will be formed.

It's also difficult for a CHP-MHP-HDP coalition or a CHP-MHP coalition with HDP's support from the outside.

Even if it's formed, it's clear that it will have a short life and ruin our economy.

In this case, it will either be an AK Party-MHP or AK Party-CHP coalition.

In the light of the recent developments, we can say that CHP is leaning towards a coalition with AK Party; however, it's necessary to state that the remarkable factor here is CHP's demands.

Such that, CHP is asking for an alternate Prime Ministry system if they form a coalition government with AK Party. In other words, the demand is to change the Prime Minister every year between AK Party and CHP. This amounts to AK Party, who has 258 parliamentarians with 41% voting rate, and CHP, who has 132 parliamentarians with 25% voting rate, to have equal right over the government and this also means that AK Party voters will be exposed to unfairness from the point of representation.

Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu would like to be flexible to form a coalition with AK Party; however, it's quite difficult for this model to be conducted in a healthy manner.

There is no need to push the limits; the most healthy or the least unhealthy formula is AK Party-MHP coalition.

We know that the voter bases of AK Party and MHP are leaning towards a coalition.

The closeness in the voter bases will make the solution of the above questions very easy.

If the AK Party-MHP coalition happens, the pressure from the voter bases will be lower, while an AK Party-CHP coalition will put both sides into trouble.

This will also affect the country's economy negatively.

On the other hand:

Saying that Mr. Bahçeli's experience in both politics and economy, will form a guarantee from the point of the continuity of the AK Party-MHP coalition's continuity, won't be an exaggerated approach.

Mr. Davutoğlu is a “diplomacy” master. Our Prime Minister will solve the crises with ease.

End of the long article:

The path of mind is; the AK Party-MHP coalition.


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