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The US isn’t our ally, but enemy

The arms and weaponry the U.S., the engineer of terror, provided to the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Syria were found in Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) caves on the Kato Mountains. We are talking about the arms captured in PKK caves, which our soldiers, headed by Maj. Gen. Aydoğan Aydın who was martyred in the helicopter crash, destroyed in six weeks.

Here, let us remember once again the very specific missions of those who are "attached" who say, "We should soon fix our relations with the U.S. and follow a soft policy toward them.”


Washington is plainly continuing to send arms to the YPG/PKK by declaring it under Donald Trump’s administration.

This means the last batch of arms they sent will be replaced with those that were seized in the Kato Mountain caves and will target our soldiers again.

So? Every terrorist attack by the PKK is actually a terrorist act by the U.S. state that targets the existence of an independent Turkey.

Every U.S. soldier in northern Syria is also an YPG affiliate. And every YPG terrorist is a U.S. soldier.

In short, it is the U.S. we are currently fighting.

The U.S. is such a terror state, while Trojan horses at home want us to make friends and be on good terms with it.

These Trojan horses want Turkey to be directed by the U.S. once again as it used to be in the past.

They long for our country to be a colony of Western states, especially the U.S.

If terror organizations that the U.S. pits against Turkey reach the goal, the Uncle Sam of the collaborators inside will take over Turkey:

This is the big plan.

It is the deep U.S. that constantly pits the PKK, the Fetullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ) and Daesh against independent Muslim Turkey.

The American flag symbolizes terrorism.

The Crusader-Zionist Washington has no certificate of good conduct.

The U.S. is never a friend and ally of us.

Ankara must absolutely do the necessary, now that it caught Washington red handed in the context of both FETÖ and PKK/YPG.

It should not waste its critical/crucial leverage.


It is a complete bluff for the U.S. to state that it sends arms to the YPG as part of the Raqqa operation against Daesh.

It is also deceptive that American authorities say, "When Raqqa is rescued, we will finish with the YPG."

It has come to light that the YPG agreed with Daesh.

So, the main target of American arms which are referred to the YPG is our soldiers and country.

It is obvious that the U.S. has played with Daesh with a "filling, emptying" tactic since the very beginning.

The placement of YPG/PKK terrorists in the regions that are so-called saved from Daesh so far has revealed what the U.S. is doing and what it is actually aiming for.

It will be like that for Raqqa too.

The U.S. aims to establish a PKK state in the north of Syria.

To this end, Daesh is being used as an exceptionally favorable justification and excuse.

Former NSA and CIA agent Edward Snowden, who took shelter in Russia several years ago, said the CIA, MOSSAD and MI6 established Daesh together.

Let us move on.

Don’t you remember Trump disclosed the deep game, saying that Barack Obama established Daesh and Hillary Clinton helped him during his election campaign?

The best document is confession.


It is a bare-faced lie that the U.S. fights the Daesh terror organization.

You cannot fight a terror organization by employing another terror organization (YPG/PKK).

Anyway, the U.S. does not aim to fight terrorism.

We are talking about a state that is "set up for the slaughter" that builds, manages, and continues to direct these terrorist organizations.

NATO’s involvement in the Raqqa operation is an indicator showing how the U.S.-led NATO supports YPG/PKK terror.

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli's harsh statements about NATO are a reaction that should be taken as an example.


NATO is with all the enemies of Turkey.

The U.S./NATO is in the background of FETÖ’s July 15 coup attempt.

What about Turkey’s NATO membership?

It must be questioned much more now.


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