Shoulder to shoulder against manufacturers of terror … - TAMER KORKMAZ

Shoulder to shoulder against manufacturers of terror …

Leaders of Muslim countries gave a historical and strong response to the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by the rogue United States. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), representing 57 countries, declared East Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Palestine. 


They called it “East Jerusalem”...

But of course Jerusalem is an indivisible whole. Both the west and east belong to Palestine. It’s the capital of Palestine!

And the terrorist state Israel is an occupier!  


Taken against the West in the last OIC summit that was held with the highest number of attendees so far, this decision constitutes an important milestone.

Of course, this stance shall be maintained.

In the communique of the summit, the U.S.’s “Jerusalem decision” was condemned and it was emphasized that the U.S. will be responsible for any possible results if they don’t withdraw this illegal decision.

This very important statement that challenges the rogue U.S. state must certainly be followed.

These decisions should not remain unfulfilled!

After all those lost years, from now on, at the very least, action should be taken.

It should never be forgotten that terrorist states Israel and the U.S. only understand of power...

At the end of the day, an actual response should be given to the alliance of the Crusaders and Zionists.

Otherwise, yielding any results won’t be possible.

By the way; without any delay, we need to sever our diplomatic relations with the terrorist state Israel.  


Islamophobic Trump thinks he is gifting Jerusalem as capital to Israel with this illegal decision.

The U.S. is both a fascist and rogue state.

A recent event; a pilot of an airline announced when they were over Jerusalem: “We are flying over Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine,” and he was arrested in the JFK Airport right away.

This is the “legendary” American Democracy!  

This is what the rogue U.S. state does.

Always and everywhere...

This is a fascist, cruel, ruthless, tyrannical and backstabbing state!


The U.S., which always makes terrorist groups under his command like the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Daesh attack independent Turkey is neither a friend nor an ally. It is our enemy!

General McMaster, who is the National Security Advisor of President Trump, said that “Turkey finances extremist ideologies” three days ago in Washington!

The U.S., a manufacturer of terrorism, not only makes the terrorist groups it commands attack Turkey but also falsely accuses it!

The ministry of foreign affairs gave a strong response to this slander. That’s good. On the other hand, some officials in the ministry of foreign affairs, generally in Ankara, do not still give up on the nonsense saying, “The U.S. is our friend and ally!”


After all that happened; Turkey needs to reassess its membership in NATO before it is too late.

On July 15, NATO/USA attempted to occupy Turkey with the hand of FETÖ which they control...

Former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen criticized Erdoğan’s statements on Western countries and said that “Turkey should be worried about the deterioration of its relations with the U.S.”

They try to occupy with a coup d'état attempt and they shamelessly blame Turkey like this, just because Turkey defends itself and stands strong against the West!

So instead of ensuring Turkey’s security, NATO itself threatens the safety of Turkey.

It is clear that they fear a NATO without Turkey!

Therefore, we need to realize this fear of NATO/U.S.!


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