We saw during the visa showdown that those showing Turkey the “iron fist in a velvet glove,” did not consist solely of the U.S.’s little ambassador in Ankara.

The “embedded elements” “working for Uncle Sam,” from the writer saying “our history’s second Midnight Express is waiting ready on the first platform,” to the politician blaming Ankara, saying “The U.S.’s visa ban would cost us 50 billion,” have all taken action. Those making a riot saying, “We have become disconnected from the civilized world,” and pressuring Turkey rather than the U.S., are also included in this group of “Western dubbers.”

None of those in this front ever ask the U.S., “Why are you protecting [the Fetullah Terrorist Organization] FETÖ, which attempted a coup in Turkey?” or “Why are you refraining from extraditing Fetullah Gülen, the leader of the terrorist organization and the coup?”

They also never ask the U.S., “What games are being played at your consulate general in Istanbul? Why do you insist on protecting the employee who was discovered to participate in the coup meeting with FETÖ-member commissioned officers?”

They never say, “It was revealed that Adil Öksüz, who triggered the coup attempt by going to Akıncı Air Base on the night of July 15, was called by your Istanbul consulate general. Why?”

They do not even think about calling the U.S. to account for its alliance with the coup plotters saying, “Your soldiers at Incirlik Air Base aided and abetted the coup bid on the night of July 15. Twelve contacts were found to be made between FETÖ’s commission officers and your soldiers that night.”

In brief, they never question the fact that the CIA-U.S-NATO were behind the scenes in the coup attempt that took place on July 15, 2016.
It seems that they, as well as Gülen, who lives in Pennsylvania, and those in Washington, were greatly disappointed with the failure of the July 15 coup attempt.
That’s not all.
None of those appointed, who constantly “bullied” Ankara saying, “What are we doing in the Middle East quagmire, in the north of Syria, or in northern Iraq?” ever ask the U.S. state the same question.
They never say anything to the U.S. making efforts to form the terrorist corridor in northern Syria, in other words, its mobilizing to “establish the PKK state.”
The U.S.-Israel tandem also never objects to efforts to establish an “independent” Kurdish state in northern Iraq.
Does anybody know or have they heard or seen those in this front ever object to the U.S. (or criticize even one of their statements), while the U.S. had the terrorist organizations under its command – the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), Daesh and FETÖ – constantly attack Turkey? No, never.

Has anybody seen any one of the pro-West figures question Daesh’s connection to the U.S., even to the slightest, while even U.S. President Donald Trump admitted that “Daesh was co-chaired by Obama and crooked Hillary.” No, never.
This is what it means to enter the West’s/U.S.’s service, to work as an “influence agent” on behalf of America.
The “Special War Journalist,” who is one of the most callous of these influence agents, vents in his column, “where he keeps the Midnight Express ready,” saying, “Anti-U.S. sentiment and the try-to-blame-the-CIA-for-everything coalition has become Turkey’s biggest coalition: See, every Tom, Dick and Harry attacks the U.S.”

Even while current U.S. President Donald Trump, who was his boss’ biggest partner at one stage confessed saying, “Thirteen CIA agents joined the coup in Turkey on July 15”...

This Special War Journalist, who is attached to the American state, is acting “more pro-American than even his Uncle Sam.”

He is boiling over with rage saying, “The U.S. and the CIA are in a difficult situation against independent Turkey.”

He is going crazy as the deep connections are revealed one after another.He has nothing to say to the hard evidence and documents.

 Final: The Western States that they hold in high esteem, calling it the “Civilized world,” have slaughtered a total of “more than 12 million” Muslims in all corners of the world since 1979.
Western states are the “greatest threat standing in the way of peace” in every corner of our globe, not only the Middle East.

The U.S.-Israel tandem, working as the locomotive of the Crusader Zionist Alliance, lead this pack of barbaric, tyrannous states breeding on blood.                                  


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