It was the American state that had those bombs blasted - TAMER KORKMAZ

It was the American state that had those bombs blasted

When speaking about Daesh, the U.S.’s little ambassador also made mention of the terrorist attack on Oct. 10, 2015 in front of the Ankara train station, where 101 people lost their lives.
As of this bomb attack – including the terrorist attack that was carried out at Istanbul’s nightclub Reina in the early hours of the first day of 2017 – the U.S./CIA has been in the background in all of Daesh’s terrorist attacks in Turkey.
For example, it was discovered that the hitman who carried out the massacre at Reina that night used a “Flashbang,” which is found only in the U.S. Special Forces’ inventory and, taking advantage of the “temporary blindness” it caused to those in the nightclub, he shot the people there with his Kalashnikov.
As a terrorist organization that shows a “fake flag,” Daesh is a product of the U.S., exactly like the “Flashbang.”
Let’s remember the “months prior” to FETÖ’s July 15, 2016 coup attempt:
The U.S./CIA is “behind the scenes” in the Daesh and the PKK’s bomb attacks in Ankara and Istanbul, in which numerous citizens lost their lives.
We are talking about the consecutive bomb attacks that were conducted “to create chaos and hence prepare the grounds for the coup that was being readied.”
FETÖ members, “from their members in the police to their ghost imams,” are completely involved in the organization of these horrific terrorist attacks.
It is now revealed that the bandit U.S. was the one that released FETÖ, Daesh and the PKK on the ground in coordination in the terrorist attacks in Turkey since 2015 and had them attack certain targets.
A FETÖ member, who an arrest warrant was issued for in an operation in Kayseri last August aimed at those using FETÖ’s “encrypted communication network” app ByLock, “being discovered to also be wanted on the charge of membership to Daesh,” is only one of the examples documenting the “union” between the two terrorist organizations.
It was additionally found that the fugitive FETÖ member, N.G., “was also among the ranks of Daesh in Syria.


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