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Influence agents working for the US can never face these facts!

Jack Ruby (Jacob Rubenstein), a Polish Jew, who murdered Lee Harvey Oswald two days after the JFK Assassination, died in prison in 1967. In the letter he wrote to a friend in his prison cell, he says, “I was used to silence Oswald. The day will come when you see the kind of man Lyndon Johnson is.”


Lyndon Johnson, vice president to President John F. Kennedy, was cooperating with the deep headquarters that organized the assassination.

According to reports sent by the CIA’s agents in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), the Soviet administration believed that “the U.S. deep state and Lyndon Johnson were behind the JFK Assassination.”

It has been claimed that the person who “changed the direction [of the open-top convertible in which Kennedy was shot], ensuring the convoy to pass through Elm Street” was Johnson. The claim is mentioned in former President John Nixon’s strategist Roger Stone’s book titled, “The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ.”

It was revealed that on the evening of Nov. 22, 1963, when JFK was assassinated, Johnson had certain telephone calls made as well as various orders given, “ranging from Oswald being accused of the crime to all evidences being submitted to the FBI.”


Johnson was saying, “Air Force One cannot take off without a president from Dallas in it.” As he was taking the “presidential oath” hours after Kennedy’s assassination, a shocked Jackie Kennedy was also with him.

Thus, Johnson had taken over the White House and the “Government Coup” was completed.

New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison (1921-1992) defined the Kennedy Assassination in the court, in which Clay Shaw was tried, as a “government coup d’état.”

Shaw, who organized the CIA teams deployed on Elm Street during the Kennedy Assassination, was found “not guilty” by the jury.

Five years after the conclusion of the trial (1974), it was announced that Shaw “died of lung cancer”:

- No autopsy was permitted on his corpse.


In Shaw’s trial, District Attorney Garrison completely disproved the official theory in the assassination.

Garrison used as evidence footage recorded by a U.S. citizen named Abraham Zapruder, who recorded the president on his video camera during the assassination on the little grass hill on the corner of Elm Street. In addition to JFK’s book depository, these images were proof that “he was under fire on the side of the little grass hill.” The final shot that blew off the president’s head was made from there.

The district attorney said that this footage was kept locked in a safe in the Time-Life building and purposefully not shown to the American nation (March 1, 1969). The official theory that shelved the truth, was based on the lie that Oswald, who was positioned in the book depository, i.e. a single assassinator, shot the president with three bullets, and also wounded Texas Governor John Conally who was sitting in the front seat.

In response to this, exactly 50 witnesses said, “The fatal bullets came from the little grass hill right beside the book depository.”

Kennedy, who was in the limousine, was shot in the throat from the second shot fired by the CIA hitmen positioned in the wooded section with the fencing on top of the “little hill to the right” of the location Abraham Zapruder made the recording.

The sixth – and final – shot that came from the same direction had hit the president’s head from the right side.

Three different CIA teams were positioned on the scene of the crime…

The first of these sniper teams was positioned in the book depository where Oswald worked, the second in the Del-Tex building beside it and, the third, in the grass hill right behind it.

Only one of the bullets (the third shot) fired by “the hitmen on the sixth floor” of the book depository, where Oswald was tasked as “watchman” only (he was not there as a hitman), had shot JFK.

The fatal shots came from the team positioned in the area on the little grass hill.

Despite all these matters having been “proven years ago,” the lie that “Kennedy was fired at from a single position, i.e. from the book depository,” is still being insistently repeated.

Despite it being documented that “he never fired his rifle” that day and revealed that he was in the cafeteria on the second floor of the book depository at the time of the assassination, Oswald is still presented as a killer.

                                           * Robert Morrow, who worked for a long time in the CIA, exposed in November 1992 that the Kennedy Assassination was “planned by the CIA.”

Morrow has also accused FBI Chief Edgar Hoover and JFK’s Vice President Johnson of controlling the assassination.

During his CIA directorship, to which he was appointed in 1976, George Bush stated that he “kept quiet on purpose despite knowing well the behind the scenes of the Kennedy Assassination.”

In Bush’s final year in the White House (1992), the U.S. Congress had issued a “25-year secrecy order” for the Kennedy Assassination investigation documents.


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