How many millions of innocent people were killed by those so-called charitable presidents? - TAMER KORKMAZ

How many millions of innocent people were killed by those so-called charitable presidents?

The five former presidents of the bandit-state U.S. gathered at a charity concert of Lady Gaga’s in order to help heal the wounds of the victims of Harvey, Irma and Maria hurricanes.

This news was served by the American-loving Turkish newspaper Hürriyet with the headline "Five in One Place for Charity" and with a photograph on the front page the day before.

Carter, father Bush, Bush junior, Clinton and Obama met at the concert as the five former U.S. presidents who served over the last 40 years.

Hürriyet, "dependent on the American state with all its cells," implanted the feeling that these “former presidents are highly charitable” especially with its title and presentation of the news.


In the years that these five former U.S. presidents served in the White House from 1979 onwards, over 12 million Muslims have been intentionally murdered in various parts of the world by Western states.

The pioneers of these massacres have been the presidents of the United Terror States of America...

So? We are talking about the U.S. presidents, who Hürriyet unabashedly tries to present as "congenial."


The military coup of Sept. 12, 1980 took place in the Carter period. Jimmy Carter said in an interview with the Cumhuriyet newspaper five years after the coup:

"We were relieved by the military intervention in Turkey on Sept. 12. After the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviets and the fall of the monarchy in Iran, this stabilization movement in Turkey has made us feel better!"(July 21, 1985)


The Feb. 28 coup occurred during Bill Clinton’s presidency. We are talking about Clinton who does not tire of praising Fetullah Gülen!


The Fetullah Terrorist Organization’s (FETÖ) coup attempt of Dec. 17-25, 2013 and the military coup attempt of July 15, 2016 took place in Obama’s era.


Following the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, NATO named Islam the primary "enemy" during father Bush’s presidency. In the same period (1990), the CIA-affiliated Rand Corporation announced the U.S.’s "moderate Islam" project for the first time!

The fact that it prepared and led FETÖ and its leader Gülen for this insidious project would be revealed years later.


Father Bush served as CIA director from 1976 to 1977.

In the final months of his presidency (August 1992), father Bush, who carried out the First Gulf War, said:

"We are determined to keep our country as the leader of the Jewish-Christian union!"

Bush junior was the U.S. president who declared the "Crusades" after the 9/11 attacks. After two illegitimate invasions within this direction, more than 3.5 million innocent people in Afghanistan and 1.2 million in Iraq were killed. 

Hürriyet, which is now striving to explain "how charitable the American presidents are," enthusiastically supported the battles in which the U.S. massacred innocent Muslims in these two countries!


Hürriyet referred to David Rockefeller, head of the global barons who died in New York last March, as "The Legendary Billionaire Known for His Philanthropy!"

The name of directing the deep consortium, which is behind economic crises, social chaos, military coups and giant massacres in various parts of the world, is "philanthropy" as the American-dependent Hürriyet names it.


The U.S.’s massacres in the Muslim world continue in current president Trump’s era as well.

Shortly after he came to the office, Trump authorized the CIA and Pentagon to "carry out unlimited massacres" under the name of "unlimited power of operations and assassination."

Immediately following, hundreds of innocent Muslims were killed after the U.S. bombing of ancient cities in Syria and Iraq.

Many mosques were destroyed around here. Historic cities in the two countries continue to be wrecked.


The favorite president of Trump, an enemy of Islam, is Reagan who is the only deceased U.S. president after Carter. Reagan, who died in 2004, was one of the "killer presidents."

Reagan, who suffered from Alzheimer's after a two-term presidency, was like the "living dead" in the last decade of his life.

He did not even remember his presidency in this last period!

Do we need to say that Hürriyet will also remember Reagan as the "former charitable president?" When Trump, a partner of Aydın Doğan at one point, is named "the former president" someday, Hürriyet will surely make him out to be "benevolent" too.


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