FETÖ+Germany+Bild+Hürriyet! - TAMER KORKMAZ


Adil Öksüz, the imam of the coup attempt on the night of the July 15, 2015, is running wild in Germany under Angela Merkel’s wings. Just like the Fetullah Terror Organization’s (FETÖ) fugitive prosecutors Öz and Kara.

Also, Germany is the one who protected FETÖ’s 46 commissioned officers at the NATO base in Ramstein.

Bruno Kahl, the current chief of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) of Germany, founded by the CIA, said, “We can’t see any proof that [Fetullah] Gülen is behind July 15.”

Despite there being proof and documents everywhere, they just can’t seem to see it.

Seeing the truth does not work for them.

The German state that is controlled by the deep U.S. dotes upon FETÖ members.

It considers protecting and cloaking them a “duty.”


A confession stating FETÖ member soldiers had brought ammunition to Akıncı Air Base with a military transport aircraft from the U.S. on July 14, 2016 was included in Senior Master Sergeant Sinan Sarı’s statement.

Öksüz, who upon receiving the order from Pennsylvania, went to Akıncı Air Base in the capital Ankara on the night of July 15 and “ignited the fire of the attempt,” was in contact with the American authorities in Turkey.

It was revealed in mid-March this year that six days after fugitive Öksüz’s coup attempt on July 15, 2016, he was called from the U.S.’s Istanbul consulate.

It is likely that following his escape from Turkey, Öksüz, who was seen in Hannover, Germany, could have been brought to NATO’s cargo base in Wunstorf on the cargo plane that departed from Turkey’s İncirlik Air Base.

Wunstorf is a town 30 kilometers from Hannover.


The Foreign Ministry sent a diplomatic note to Germany in relation to Öksüz: it asked that “In the event that the FETÖ member is detected in Germany, he should be captured and returned to Turkey.”

Just as Germany did not extradite FETÖ’s fugitive prosecutors or its commissioned officers at NATO, it will similarly not fulfill Ankara’s extradition request in relation to Öksüz.

Angela Merkel’s Germany protects all terrorists ranging from FETÖ members to Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) members, and dotes on them.


The German state banning the Berlin Mehter (Ottoman Janissary) Band would not allow them to carry the three-crescent Ottoman flag, does not say a word when the PKK opens the terrorist organization’s rag in front of the parliament building in Berlin. German police continue to pat PKK terrorists on the back.

“Bild,” a newspaper published by the Jewish company Axel Springer, continues to hold in high esteem FETÖ and the PKK as “Germany’s top selling newspaper.”

Last November, Bild published the headline, “Dictator Erdoğan, what’s next?” when the pro-PKK Peoples’ Democratic Party’s (HDP) co-chairs were detained.

Shortly before the April 16, 2017 referendum, this time Bild published a Turkish headline, “If Atatürk were alive, he would have said NO.”


Hürriyet daily’s “bosom buddy” Bild is a newspaper that pays attention to publishing articles that “breed” the anti-Islam sentiment, which is becoming increasingly widespread throughout Germany.

Nicolaus Fest, one of Bild’s managers had written in his column three years ago on July 27, 2014: “I don’t believe in God, however I am not disturbed by Christianity of Judaism or Buddhism. I am disturbed only by Islam. In fact, at an increasing rate…”

Bild is also the newspaper which for years has been publishing articles provoking Germany’s “deep staff” in the “neo-Nazi” guise against Turks living in Germany, leading them to attack Turks.

Kai Diekmann, who ran the Bild newspaper for 15 years, is an executive board member of Hürriyet since 2004. He is paid $5,000 for this “position.”

Diekmann is an executive board member of “Atlantik Brücke” which was founded by the CIA. Chancellor Merkel is another member of this deep society described as the “Secret Lodge.”

Merkel is buddies with Aydın Doğan, and Diekmann is buddies with Ertuğrul Özkök.

Occasionally, Ertuğrul writes a column piece for Bild. He talks about the PKK terrorist organization as a “radical Kurd party.”


When German Joseph Alois Ratzinger was elected pope on April 2005, Diekmann had published the headline, “We are the Pope,” in Bild.

Deikmann’s Özkök showed his true colors once more with the heading of his Aug. 13, 2017 column as, “Deism is something special, dear Ahmet.”

In his article dated Aug. 15, 2017, an agent of influence Ertuğrul, disguised as a “journalist” defending his buddy with the subheading, “Dear President, Kai is not a liar,” reached the peak of lying when he wrote, “Kai did not say a single word against Turkey to this day.”

Deikmann, who was under investigation last year for a “sexual harassment” accusation, left his position at Bild. Hürriyet “completely ignored” this charge against Kai.

Bild, run by Deikmann, had responded to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Cologne visit in May 2014 with the headline, “You are not welcome. You are not wanted here!”


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