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Confession and repentance

The struggle continues: Most recently a session was held in Germany, “certifying” that Turks committed the genocide of Armenians at the beginning of the last century and Turkey (Turks) were condemned. Turkey's response was harsh and it continues to o... more

Will Kurdish politics transform?

The failed process known as the “reconciliation process” was, in a sense, the product of an internal transformation in the Kurdist movement. The roots of this transformation can be traced all the way back to the day PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan was cap... more

The DAESH and Kurd cards

My opinion that the real determining players of the Middle East deadlock are not the powers involved is getting stronger. The line between Russia, Iran and the PKK and the congestion between Turkey, and the tensions at this point, do not explain the ... more

After the downed plane...

The Russian plane downed by the Turkish Armed Forces has legal and diplomatic dimensions on an international scale. We can say that Turkey has the upper hand in terms of legality in this sense. In other words, no international center has the right to... more

Hitting Turkey with ISIL

It is now a well known fact that the history of Turkey's modernization has a very interesting quality. In the final analysis, the people of this country do not completely object to living in harmony with modernity. The who issue is related to how the... more

A world twisted by terrorism

It is likely that the terrorist massacres in Paris will escalate the Islamophobia in Europe. This does not mean that it needs to turn into an open challenge. For instance, racism does not need to be carried to government everywhere. Europe knows well... more

The possible surprise waiting for the Kurdist deviation in 2016

Slowly, a new leaf is being turned in the Mesopotamia region at a time in which existing maps have become disordered. Originally being founded as artificial states, Iraq and Syria will never be the old Iraq and Syria again. This is very clear. I don'... more

The AK Party's HDP Policy

The election on November 1 is rapidly drawing closer. Somewhere I wrote that this election was an election to “restore trust” for the AK Party which lost trust. The AK Party has been the leader and carrier of the very important steps overcoming the h... more

Why did the Syrian children die?

Civilization's most basic cultural problem is what to do to and with a foreigner. What gives birth to the foreigner problem is the residual value history. The accumulation and circulation history of the residual-value continues by deepening its seism... more

The Resolution Process and guardianship relations

Let's think simply and remember the background, which has a correspondence in the minds of a vast majority; the Kurdish issue didn't happen without reason. It was born as a reaction to the Turkism politics, which has been imposed by militarist-guardi... more

The coalition or the election

The political calendar is ticking. In a short time, the new deputies will take their oath and after the election of the parliamentary speaker, the parliament will commence functioning. After this, the coalition scenarios will begin to be put into pra... more

Election scenes from my homeland

“Political rallies” directed towards the 2015 elections are proceeding in an intensive manner. In reality, conducting political rallies is quite an old, and outdated concept. Let's think of it this way: Since the beginning of the previous century, me... more

AK Party at the fork junction of stability and transformation

There is little time before the June 7th elections. In a sense, there is nothing surprising in these elections in terms of the alignment of the political parties. It's clear that CHP, MHP and HDP's place in this alignment will not change. After all, ... more


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