The DAESH and Kurd cards

My opinion that the real determining players of the Middle East deadlock are not the powers involved is getting stronger. The line between Russia, Iran and the PKK and the congestion between Turkey, and the tensions at this point, do not explain the phase. This can only find meaning and response in a bigger picture.

Today we can clearly see that, the phase starting with the invasion of Iraq and continuing with the Arab Spring was carried out in order to restructure the valid maps of Mesopotamia and found new political geographies. They waited a few years for the dust clouds to scatter and the pressure groups to take shape. First Iran appeared. It was expected that Iran would plunge into the region and start a war with the Sunni powers. This became reality. In such a closure, Israel was no longer Iran's number one enemy. Iran and its extension Hezbollah's anti-Sunni politics primarily targeted Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries.

Russia's involvement in the phase with Iran pushed Turkey toward the Atlantic bloc, which it had avoided for a while. Whether we like it or not, this is the rational thing to do. Yet there is a paradox right here. Iran is doing everything possible to portray Turkey as DAESH's natural ally. Let's clarify the situation further: Currently, being Sunni in the Middle East is somehow linked to being involved with DAESH. This thesis was especially used to convict the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), the leading Sunni party, and continues to be used in this way. The main efforts are to hinder the consolidation between Turkey and the Atlantic bloc, and to isolate Turkey.

Russia is acting in line with Iran's thesis. Although we know that claims of a Turkey-DAESH partnership is nonsense, Turkey is being pushed into the middle of all of this. Then, we should ask this question too: What is the risk of this allegation, nonsense and invalid on our behalf, being adopted by the West?

DAESH's terrorist acts in Europe are being used by the media and their supporting parties to strengthen Islamophobia in public opinion. The results of the last elections indicate this. The problem is not just the rise of the ultra-right. The center-right is having difficulty tracking the settled moderate lines within Europe. Europe's ultra-right is growing fast. These formations can take over Iran and Russia's allegations claiming Turkey supports DAESH. Attention should be paid to this. The European Union, drawing nearer to Turkey because of the refugee issue, has a good opportunity to circumvent the danger.

It is expected that the Republicans will win the 2016 election in the US. The problem here is whether the Republicans will go to the elections with Donald Trump. If Trump or an equivalent is chosen as president, then the US will adopt the thesis put forward by Iran and Russia. The Turkish diplomacy has a lot to do in this respect: Carefully follow the US and try to prevent Turkey from being affected by Islamophobia.

The second card opened to damage the integration between Turkey and the Atlantic bloc is the Kurdish card. “Kurds are killed by DAESH” and “Kurds are killed by the Turks” is made into a collage and served to world opinion.

I am one of those who believe that the Middle East, especially via the Leviathan, will not be left to the hands of Russia and Iran. I do not know the results, or where they will go, but I predict that the Atlantic bloc will sooner or later be involved in the Middle East, and come face to face with Russia and Iran. The developments and preparations indicate this too. The important thing is, what will happen to Turkey after this intervention. The critical point here is the risk of the imaginary Turkey-DAESH connection being adopted by the Atlantic bloc. This will determine the future of Kurds. I believe that the Atlantic bloc, while restructuring the Middle East, has not decided on what to do with Kurds or has, but is not letting it out. This is an opportunity. If Turkey overcomes all obstacles and consolidates its position with the Atlantic bloc, the Stalinist Kurdish movement will sink in the Russia-Iran line. I do not even want to think about the other possibility...


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