How was it really aboard that plane that landed in Taiwan? - SÜLEYMAN SEYFI ÖĞÜN

How was it really aboard that plane that landed in Taiwan?

One of humanity's eternal tales is about the division between two extremes. And it always goes like this: the global situation keeps us so busy that we often ignore cosmic realities and calculations. Hence the narrow-minded historical issues, which do not accept treatment, which are inherited from generations, and which lead to hostilities, conflicts, and wars. And secularization is another facet of this. The narrow-minded forget that the Earth is a small planet that occupies an area the size of a pinhead in a galaxy called the Milky Way, made up of a hundred billion solar systems like ours and tens of millions of similar systems, which from far, far away resemble a cloud of dust.

Religions, which seem like an antidote to parochialism, actually draw attention to this fact. They warn people that they should know their limits and not overestimate this world. We know that history has seen countless religious wars, and worse yet, internal strife between religions that have ended in fratricidal killings, whether mythically like the gods fighting for man as in Troy, or as people fighting for their gods. . Look at the size of the deviation.

But the aberration does not end there. The abandonment of history, caused by cosmological and metaphysical exaggerations, is another form of perversion. While the world was in pain, the clergy came and said: "Don't worry, the world is mortal. Save your souls." How sweet is the mindset that makes the world meaningless as it is described in Anton Chekhov’s Ward 6.

Modernity was born as a reaction to this very thing. Although the Renaissance had different veins within it, it was essentially a purely realistic movement. Modernity was a resistance against the spiritual influences of the Church. When viewed from a purely ethical point of view, it can be considered self-consistent and justified as well. It is a call to confront man with truths, against the false fathers of the Church. It has come into force over time and has formed the basis for opposition to existing religious institutions and discourses in almost every part of the world. This is what lies behind the conflict between science and religion.

Well, were these developments heart-warming? In fact, I do not fully agree with this view. The ideologies that have replaced religion are beginning to serve as a compass for the truth. The issue was history. As is the case with Hegel and Marx; Whether it was bringing the facts of history into metaphysics or imposing a goal on them through concrete facts, the issue was ultimately to return history to safety.

This was not a stand-alone battle between numbness and awakening, between faith and reason, between darkness and light. In a deeper way, it was the emergence of a new series of structures called capitalism, which viewed the world enthusiastically from the standpoint of arithmetic of reason, and the complete takeover of the world. (The Renaissance is also the era in which double-entr accounting was discovered.) As humans grappled with each other in a caravan rearranged with the outbreak of ideologies, the caravan carried on. And the march itself was short-sighted in the direction it took. The discrepancies within it were only multiple forms.

It was a kind of bourgeois mind that categorized history, on the basis of pantheism, along with all cosmic genres, blending geometry, philosophy, literature, and politics. After World War II, they hit the wall. They plunged into a deep lethargy coupled with consumption after a few convulsions like Sartre. This was accompanied by deep-rooted homophobia. (It is necessary not to take middle-class homophobia seriously and to bear in mind that it is a reflexive experience.)

And homophobia deepened when humanity did not act as it wanted and things did not go as they wanted. After all, they have dehumanized life in their minds. The other emotion that was most influential in this defeat, I think, was the multi-layered patriarchal hatred, which was the price of their socialization on a Puritan basis. This has led them to a deep hatred of power and the corporate world. And all these sages and guides did not appear in vain, scattered in counter-cultural movements, such as the followers of Madame Blavatsky, Gurdjieff, Bailey, Osho, and countless theosophical, astrological, yogic, polytheistic, monotheistic, pantheistic associations. On the basis of these movements, I see traces of the defeat and flight of the bourgeoisie. Now the bourgeois scale of refinement has gained the wisdom of selling a Ferrari. The sector of the bourgeoisie, which still preserves its social and relative historical ties, undergoes its transformations with cultural provocations and provocations, which they carefully extracted from history and made themselves lawyers. But most of it is hidden from view in every sense of the word.

This escape from consumption comes through the tourist and rural gastronomic stations and results in isolation. They want the enlightenment they once wanted for all of humanity, and now for their individual spiritual liberation. Let's not waste their rights. Those who do not engage politically in acts of cultural agitation, but still retain their sense of devotion, invent for themselves unoccupied causes.

Today, capitalism, which is undergoing a severe crisis, is dividing the world in half like a watermelon between democracy and authoritarianism. And not only that, they carry weapons and yell battle cries. The Social Democrats, and the Greens, who harbor the remnants of the outdated middle classes, give them strong support. The one who got off the plane in Taiwan wasn't just a headstrong 83-year-old politician. But there also descended the spirit of the middle class, whose pretensions collapsed and remained under the rubble of what they built. If it caught your attention, then say a prayer for it.


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