Hitting Turkey with ISIL - SÜLEYMAN SEYFI ÖĞÜN

Hitting Turkey with ISIL

It is now a well known fact that the history of Turkey's modernization has a very interesting quality. In the final analysis, the people of this country do not completely object to living in harmony with modernity. The who issue is related to how the conformation processes carry on. This is where the ups and downs and back and forths happen. People do not accept cultural compulsion through the ideal types of modernity whose standards are drawn up by a pro-tutelage superior mind, but that superior mind considers these objections a deviation. This deviation confirms the delusion that modernity is completely rejected by the people. For instance, the “backwardness” emphasis emerges as the response to deviation from this standard. Whereas, as a “historical intention,” the overwhelming majority of the people in this country, do not take the intention to modernize to at least a principled discussion on “the desire to live more comfortably” or “to benefit more from worldly possessions.” To put it more clearly: The overwhelming majority of the people in this country do not think with the “Golden Age” or “Lost Paradise” mentality. Of course such romantic references exist, yet it doesn't lead to a back trending; it serves only as an inspirational reference.

The back and forths of the conformation process confuse the superior mind. Facing the “new” produced by modernity may always be perceived as a “challenge.” For example: Not believing that man has walked on the moon, considering television to be the work of the devil, prohibiting men wearing shorts from entering their villages, inundated by vacationers as they are close to the sea, beating them where they think necessary, raiding bars, throwing razors at women wearing miniskirts… We know all this. These processes can take place in every environment modernity enters. We know of numerous similar incidents in the 1960s and 1970s in a Turkey that was particularly under “rural” control. It is possible to say that incidents spread to cities too during the urbanization process and in fact, they continue to happen here and there. But when we look at it more dynamically and procedurally rather than photographically, we can also see that the challenge perception of the majority of the population now living in the cities has regressed and that the reactive practices are starting to be replaced by those that conform with modernity. The accumulation of these in time make up the alternative modernization patterns of our history of modernization as a requirement of an inevitable pluralism that is based on urbanization. That leads to the emergence of a new problem. The superior mind has trouble understanding the new modern minds. It probably starts to see the new modernization patterns not as a “deviation” but as “twistedness.”

The chances of accusing the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) of “backwardness” as a conservative party are gradually fading away. The practices and accumulation of conservative modernization make up Turkey's conventional reality. The conservative modernization patter of course has its own specific issues. Discussing these is something else. But this intellectual homework requiring elaboration is not embraced much. Instead, the process itself is casting a shadow over this because it cannot be digested.

It seems that these days there is a new opportunity that will relieve those who have been experiencing indigestion problems. Some of the columns I read today give sense of the traces of this relief. A study by PEW revealed that 8 percent of the people in this country support the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and that this corresponds to roughly 8 million people. Apparently this rate is over 9 percent in Pakistan. So the difference between the two countries is only 2 percent. (Turkey couldn't become Iran, but seems it has become Pakistan. The new model country is Pakistan, so it seems.) So really, there isn't all that much of a difference between Turkey and Pakistan. (Peshawar and our Syrian border are one and the same). And in fact there are 19 percent who refrain from saying anything regarding this issue. (In other words, ISIL's 10 million aggressive secret soldiers)… A convoy in Gaziantep holding ISIL flags celebrated the Paris attacks… A group of 40-50 bearded men attacked those who were drinking alcohol in Kuledibi… The rudeness that took place during the international match was a bonus…

It is clear that during the new period, they are going to present the conservative modernization period as a process whose hidden agenda is the “ISIL-fication” of Turkey. Since they couldn't shoot directly and from the heart, they are going to try and hit from the back and through ISIL…


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