A golden opportunity arises for Turkey as Sweden, Finland attempt to join NATO - SÜLEYMAN SEYFI ÖĞÜN

A golden opportunity arises for Turkey as Sweden, Finland attempt to join NATO

The war between Russia and Ukraine is following a trajectory that is perfectly in line with NATO’s, or rather the Anglo-American world’s, expectations. It is clear that this war has been brewing for quite some time – the start perhaps dates back all the way to the Barack Obama era. Considering it on a continental plane, the war will include an Atlantic-Pacific showdown. This showdown is progressing not directly and all at once, but gradually. There are two simultaneous objectives in the first stage. Accordingly, the Anglo-Saxon bloc planned and programmed to divide from Eurasia continental Europe, which is thought to be off the rails due to its deep dependency on Russia. Thus, Ukraine is serving as the lab rat of this process. Russia has been doomed to an exhausting and earth-shattering war. Ukraine is being devastated and destroyed, stuck between the Russian army and the Azov regiment battalion, the far-right neo-Nazi group backed and armed by the U.K. secret service within. But the West could not care less.

However, this was not only a consolidation of NATO, which completely fell apart during former U.S. President Donald Trump’s term in office. It was also an expansion operation. NATO had already expanded from Poland to Hungary, and then, from Croatia to Albania. A horizontal line was formed from the Baltic Sea to Crete. However, It was clear this objective could not be achieved with mini statelets such as Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia. In the order established post-World War II, Finland and Sweden, which were part of NATO, had to join NATO immediately by using the Russian threat as an excuse. Meanwhile, all the obstacles preventing Germany and Japan’s armament and militarization would be eliminated, and the clampdown would be completed. 

As underlined in my last article, old NATO ally Turkey was left out of the equation. It was not only ostracized but a plan to siege Turkey was also in the works. The green light had been given for an independent Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) state that was forming in northern Syria and northern Iraq. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that operations aimed at turning the PKK into a state are almost complete. Neocon Victoria Nuland’s statement that the economic restrictions, which made it difficult to transfer U.S. resources to the PKK, have been lifted, indicates this finale. Meanwhile, Turkey was subjected to the impertinent demands and harassment of Greece, which was spoilt by NATO. The U.S., Germany, and France demonstrated at every opportunity, and especially through their joint military drills that they “stand strong” behind Greece. Lastly, Greece’s decision to build an energy base in an effort to meet Europe’s gas needs, as it has been deprived of Russian gas, signals how dramatic the process will be in terms of Turkey. This was not enough for Greece. It developed another alliance with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Israel, and Egypt to stifle Turkey’s drilling initiatives in the East Mediterranean. Careful consideration of all this reveals the futility of pinning hopes on Turkey’s recent attempts to melt the ice with Egypt, Israel, and the UAE.

Unfortunately, the void formed by Russia’s withdrawal from Syria is now being filled by Iran—the Hashd al-Shaabi (The Popular Mobilization Forces) is now in Syria. It is clear that the West – and most likely Israel – aspire to push Turkey and Iran into an escalating tension and conflict climate in northern Iraq and Syria. I will not be getting into details here, but there are a series of operations that I predict will drive Turkey into a quagmire that will weaken its position in Libya as well. 

At the risk of sounding vulgar and being accused of displaying pro-Russian sentiment, I must say that there seems to be no other option for Turkey but to take control of this matter through its relations with Russia – or rather the relations between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, which has gained practical-empirical depth – and revise its position in a direction that is based on excluding Iran. We need to see that time working is against us on this.

An opportunity finally arose in the course of all these developments that are in favor of Turkey: Sweden and Finland joining NATO. It is clear that the plan will go down the drain if Turkey vetoes this move. President Erdoğan’s latest statement gives rise to hope. Erdoğan openly stated that the Sept. 12 mistake made by submissive putschist generals hastily signing the Rogers plan, will never be repeated again. They will come knocking on Turkey’s door. It is now time to make them pay for the schemes plotted against Turkey – without being fooled by anything else, with determination and endurance. If Turkey is able to do this, it will change the game. Otherwise, if it is fooled, and throws in the towel halfway, this golden opportunity will slip through its fingers...


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