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Thoughts on the rise of the right in Europe...

The elections in Italy came to an end. A right-wing coalition with the Brothers of Italy, a party based on fascist ideology and led by Giorgia Meloni at its center, came to power, while the Italian left suffered a major defeat. It is reported that th... more

The labyrinthine alleyways of street politics...

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, we've been living in a region surrounded by wars on all sides. How strange! is it not? This happened while everyone thought the Cold War was over, and that we would then have a yearning for peace, t... more

A glimpse into the history of science

International relations was a discipline that became popular, especially after the Cold War. The civil service is referred to as Foreign Affairs. But this field was treated like a sub-branch of the Cold War period Political Sciences. Civil Service wa... more

What's going on behind the scenes of the Russia-Ukraine war?

Capitalism is the most irrational network of structures witnessed by history, despite claims arguing the exact opposite. There are surprising transitions between rationality and irrationality. Lagos and chaos do not separate in real life as they do i... more

Türkiye's balanced foreign policy and the Russia-Ukraine war

Türkiye has been following a balanced policy since the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine. This should not be considered as impartiality. As a NATO member, the Republic of Türkiye acted together with its allies on paper and in discourse. It ... more

Türkiye-US: A sad love story

The Republic of Türkiye’s foreign policy is rapidly changing course. The developments present us quite a dramatic picture. It would be narrow-mindedness to limit this to the foreign policy domain alone. A new world is being built. The question is whe... more

On war and anti-war: Barbarism under the mask of civility

There is a famous saying: “Wars are an inseparable part of human history.” With the passage of time, structures, institutions, and organizations emerged from the womb of those wars. A culture of multi-layered and multi-faceted wars also emerged.Pract... more

Türkiye faces double-sided pressures from Russia, West

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin held a long meeting in Sochi following the Astana-format trilateral summit in Iran. These meetings drove the West bloc, primarily the U.S., to react. Convergence between T... more

The secret history of Turkish-Greek friendship

Veteran Mustafa Kemal and Greek Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos laid the cornerstone of friendship and rapprochement policies following the War of Independence, which is referred to others by the Asia Minor Catastrophe. Though both states joined... more

How the world quickly forgot about Ukraine...

Do you recall the early days of the Ukraine-Russia war? World media poured its reporters into the region, and presented the developments of this war – up to the finest detail – as the primary agenda for days. So, what happened later? There is only on... more

How was it really aboard that plane that landed in Taiwan?

One of humanity's eternal tales is about the division between two extremes. And it always goes like this: the global situation keeps us so busy that we often ignore cosmic realities and calculations. Hence the narrow-minded historical issues, which d... more


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