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How the world quickly forgot about Ukraine...

Do you recall the early days of the Ukraine-Russia war? World media poured its reporters into the region, and presented the developments of this war – up to the finest detail – as the primary agenda for days. So, what happened later? There is only on... more

How was it really aboard that plane that landed in Taiwan?

One of humanity's eternal tales is about the division between two extremes. And it always goes like this: the global situation keeps us so busy that we often ignore cosmic realities and calculations. Hence the narrow-minded historical issues, which d... more

Nation-states and economies in late stage capitalism

I often mention in this column that we are experiencing a deep systemic crisis. There are two main approaches to dealing with the situation. The first focuses on the nation-state code (the nation-state). This view departs from the international relat... more

Giving peace a chance...

At first glance, it seems understandable that the Ukrainian-Russian war is of a different nature from the wars we witnessed until recently. As is well known, the global perception that emerged at the end of the Second World War can be understood as p... more

Will Türkiye go with NATO or Sochi?

If we look at the areas of instability that emerged along the lines leading from West Europe to East Asia, we will see that they are directly aimed at destroying China’s expansion in the continent and along the waterways. It would be wrong to evaluat... more

Are we on the verge of a global hot war?

The last NATO Summit made our public more interested in terms of Türkiye's reservations about Sweden and Finland's membership applications and it’s perfectly understandable since this was one of the most critical items on the table at the NATO Summit... more

The Russia-Ukraine war and the brain death of the EU

Did the Russia-Ukraine war “break out” or was it “instigated”? It seems like the latter is true. Political slyness led by the U.S. and the U.K. signals the prelude of this war. We experienced a process in which all conditions were directly prepared b... more

Is Macron the only real choice for France?

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are the only candidates to make it to the second round of France's presidential elections. Considering the distribution of votes in the first round, it would not be wrong to foresee that guaranteed support for Le Pen... more

Has Biden decided to abandon Ukraine to its fate?

The world held its breath while Biden and Putin had a meeting that lasted two hours. It was no secret that the focus was going to be Ukraine, where tensions have been mounting for a while. Provided that this issue is at the core, both sides discussed... more


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