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Dirty plot in the Middle East!

It is clear that the Trump administration’s “Middle East policy” is being shaped according to Israel’s interests. Zionist lobbies, far-right groups, Christian-Zionists, and Neocons have taken a hold of Trump. It appears that Saudi Arabia was delegate... more

Immigrants cry out: ‘Damn this world!’

U.S. President Donald Trump is whitewashing Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, whom the CIA deems is the instigator of the “Jamal Khashoggi murder.” Moreover, Trump also held the world responsible, saying "Maybe the world should be held accounta... more

Is Trump going to announce his ‘Palestine Plan’?

U.S. President Donald Trump has a “Palestine Plan” on his mind, however its contents are not yet clear. Trump had authorized his son-in-law Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt to implement this plan he claims will supposedly bring peace to the Middle ... more

It was 'Germany' then, and now it’s 'China'

Last Sunday, on Nov. 11, ceremonies were held in Paris to commemorate the cease-fire that ended World War I, which resulted in the elimination of three great empires. The cracks caused by U.S. President Donald Trump between U.S. and NATO allies cast ... more

What did Christian-Zionists discuss with the Saudi Crown Prince?

It is an undeniable truth that the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi at the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Turkey’s Istanbul overshadowed U.S.-Saudi relations. As a result of the “Khashoggi Murder” there were suggestions made in U.S. Congress to impose ... more

Will Sessions' resignation stop Mueller?

The predictions made for the Nov. 6 midterm elections in the U.S. turned out to be roughly right. The Democrats took control in the House of Representatives, but the Republicans did not lose control in the Senate. The Republicans increasing their num... more

What will the Americans be voting for?

Americans are going to vote in the congressional elections in a divided atmosphere. Both sides are quite polarized, and they have very strong motivations. One-third of the seats in the Senate and the entire House of Representatives will be revamped. ... more

‘Tropical Trump’ and the others

The presidential elections in Brazil ended with the victory of the “white supremacist” leader Jair Bolsonaro, whose nickname is “Tropical Trump.” Bolsonaro’s supporters had been using slogans that they borrowed from Trump’s 2016 election campaign in ... more

What is going on in the US!

In the previous article, we stated that “Christian Zionism,” “white supremacism” and “Catholic conservatism” met on a “Trumpist” line. This meeting is worrying for the Latin American “Hispanics” and “black Americans.” Trump’s promise of strict immigr... more

Bombs dividing the US!

The culture wars that erupted between Republicans and Democrats with Donald Trump's election as U.S. president has almost divided Americans into two. The U.S. is going through the second big civil war in its history. The guns have not gone off yet, a... more

Knights of Malta in the US judiciary!

U.S. President Donald Trump's candidate for Associate Justice, Brett Kavanaugh, won enough votes in the Senate and become a judge of the Federal Supreme Court. Thus, the Catholic conservatives obtained the majority in the court. Five members of the ... more

Trump is winning the 'Supreme Court war'!

Brett Kavanaugh, U.S. President Donald Trump's nominee for a Justice Associate on the Supreme Court, receiving approval in the vote to be held at the Senate General Assembly on Saturday (yesterday) is almost certain. Trump's suggestion of Judge Kavan... more

Judge Kavanaugh has split America!

In the United States, the fight over Kavanaugh between the Democrats and the Republicans moved into a new phase when Trump allowed the FBI to conduct an investigation within a week. Three alleged sexual harassment allegations have been raised against... more


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