Turkey’s state mind and the will of the people - SELÇUK TÜRKYILMAZ

Turkey’s state mind and the will of the people

The matter of Turkey’s existence becomes more meaningful if we think of it within the framework of putting an end to the tutelage regime and dependency relations. We cannot identify the rising voices saying, “There is no such thing” as simply a difference of opinion. Because putting an end to the tutelage regimes and dependency relations constitute the core of the domestic and national struggle Turkey has been giving since the post-modern coup that took place on Feb. 28, 1997. The local elections process is also about this issue. We cannot say that this struggle follows a linear line. There has been a serious struggle against tutelage in Turkey, but the lack of knowledge about the global power centers’ means of intervention resulted in the ineffectiveness of adopting a certain attitude towards them. A sense of duty then becomes a requirement to extensively analyze this complex network of relations.

The Dec. 17-25 coup attempt mark the beginning of a new era. From that day on, structures such as the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), which had adopted the strategy to disguise themselves, had to be revealed. Turkey faced a bitter truth. This structure which presented itself as a religious movement revealed that it had actually waged war against its own country under the control of intelligence agencies of countries such as the US. Israel, Britain, France, and Germany. It was known that this terrorist organization was under the influence of these countries, however it remained unknown to the general public. The same countries were also supporting separationist terrorist organizations such as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Although it has already been forgotten, they were also supporting terrorist organizations such as ASALA. After the December 17-25 events, a great deal of information about the power centers FETÖ was subjected to and the terrorist organizations it had been acting together had been obtained. However, the links that this terrorist organization had in Turkey couldn’t be revealed completely. Because it was obvious that this complex network of relations was not to be resolved on its own.

The fact that December 17-25 is considered as a turning point in legal terms can be explained through the extensive and deep relations the terrorist organization, which disguised itself as a religious movement, had. This acceptance of December 17-25 as a line in terms of legal issues found different explanations within the Turkish public opinion. However, the aspect of these dates concerning the future wasn’t sufficiently revealed. The matter of existence doesn’t stem from the internal feud about the past, on the contrary, it refers to the possible problems in the way of Turkey’s strong stance against the global struggle for power. The political will showed that it is not going after an internal feud directed toward the past by establishing such a legal line. As long as the imperialist projects of the global power continued, an environment challenging the dependent structures would be created. In fact, we are living in a time in which the complex network of relations preserved itself to this date. However, we also witnessed how the Turkish nation developed a particular attitude against the terrorist organization on July 15. Because around that time, there was sufficient information about the terrorist organization. I don’t talk about indifference toward the past. On the contrary, the information we have about the past will be extremely beneficial in understanding today’s issues.

There was uncertainty before December 17-25 due to the lack of information. In an environment where the matter of survival and the fight against tutelage went beyond the boundaries of Turkey, uncertainty and unawareness are no longer issues. Even the New Zealander terrorist tried to send messages to Turkey. For six years, those who were exposed are fleeing abroad. We can also consider this as transferring the issue abroad. What we mean by moving the issue abroad is actually the reorganization of the terrorist organization and engaging in terror activities against Turkey in different countries. This may also help us shed light on some parts of the problems and actors we are going to encounter in this new era that have remained in the dark. We should take it seriously when a former member of the Foreign Ministry threatens his own country in the name of other states.

We can talk about a superior mind in Turkey. Both the experiences of the Ottoman era and those of the Turkish Republic have an important role in shaping this superior mind. These experiences will become even more important. We should explain why Turkey is a center of attraction today with these experiences. Even though tragic events in history created great difficulties for those who experience it, they pave the way for the next generations.

Turkey is going to hold another election on Sunday. It has come a long distance under Erdoğan’s leadership. Especially the struggle to end tutelage and disperse these dependent structures is beyond any appreciation. It seems that this process will continue for a while. The Turkish people have also provided great support in this process, and there are strong signs that this support will continue. We have seen that the state mind and people’s will have made Turkey even stronger.


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