The people’s will, the election coup, and the ‘matter of survival’ in Turkey - SELÇUK TÜRKYILMAZ

The people’s will, the election coup, and the ‘matter of survival’ in Turkey

A major operation took place in Turkey’s Istanbul through the vote count of the ballots following local elections on Sunday. If this operation actually took place across the country, it means we are facing a great problem here. Before the election, such unlawful acts threatening Turkey’s national existence were extensively discussed. However, it seems that the bureaucracy doesn’t want to make a move against such threats, and in intellectual circles the actions concerning the matter of survival have been constantly denied. It is quite striking that, from the moment the suspicion that something happened in the ballot boxes started to grow, statements to cover such scandals soared.

The entire plot is based on wearing down Erdoğan and stopping Turkey. We are witnessing an extensive intervention similar to the one during the process that led to the July 15 coup attempt. We are witnessing a different form of the Dec. 17-25 judicial coup in the ballot boxes. The Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and the powers behind it have not given up on Turkey. Even though we have a deep understanding of the “matter of survival,” our will holds no significance against these secret structures. Because the people and groups who infiltrated the organs representing this will are far from exercising the necessary caution. Of course, the manifestation of the people’s will is extremely crucial, but the representation of this will is just as important. We should clearly state here that, while some people and groups don’t want to represent this will they see nothing wrong in ignoring it. This is a part of the complicated process we are going through and it shows how deep the matter of survival is. The coup carried out to obviate the outcome of the ballot boxes shows that the necessary caution was not paid to the FETÖ issue. Turkey is fighting against hegemony, however some want to put an end to this fight.

A false perception was created indicating that FETÖ has lost all of its power to carry out operations in Turkey. Even though there was no disorganization, the power of the organization was either underestimated or made invisible. The pressure created through the law made sure to leave an open field to the actions of the terrorist organization even after July 15. We should stress the importance of reevaluating the processes experienced in bureaucratic mechanisms. Unfortunately, the coup carried out through ballot boxes is the result of a “blinding”. This shows that the organized structures have reached another consensus on evil by reorganizing more powerfully this time. There should definitely be some issues we need to consider under such circumstances. We should have been aware of such a structure and its operational plans and taken the necessary measures against it.

We see that FETÖ carries out operations against Turkey which bring about severe consequences. Whether we consider the MIT truck crisis of Feb. 7 or the leaking the Oslo negotiations to the press as a starting point, all the processes we have experienced are like copies of each other. We have experienced Dec. 17-25 once again. We cannot follow the steps FETÖ is taking or in other words, we cannot predict their next move. This is the actual blinding. Some are blinding the state. If the state cannot see, it cannot attain; and if it cannot attain, all its sensitivities will be lost; and in time the state mind becomes confused. When the state mind becomes confused it cannot take the necessary measures. This will, in turn, cause a sense of weariness and exhaustion in the people, and no one has the right to cause such a thing. We could have seen July 15 coming; there were many signals. It was quite obvious before July 15 that FETÖ was going to take such an action. The lack of knowledge about a move as organized as the ballot box coup is quite meaningful. If there had been a sensitivity that FETÖ regularly carries out interventions against the state there would be no problem in securing the ballot boxes. However, as we see at the moment, the field was left empty, and some had free rein. We see that the people believe in the importance of the matter of survival and have reflected their understanding of it in the ballot boxes, but there is a problem of laying claim to it. We shouldn’t limit such reality only to the ballot boxes.

We are fighting against an organized structure. Turkey has already defined this structure and its look-alikes as terrorist organizations. It is no longer possible to hide the strong relations these structures have with the U.S., Britain, France, Germany, and Israel. These structures represent the interests of the states we have mentioned above in Turkey. The responsible authorities need to take important steps against FETÖ and similar structures. FETÖ and similar structures don’t want the representation of the people’s will in the state. The actual fight is between the people’s will and the interests of the states mentioned above. As it was seen with the ballot box coup, the organized structures are representing the interests of “foreign powers”. This intervention is the intervention of these countries on Turkey through the organized structures.


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