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Turkey’s Syria intervention east of the Euphrates River

When we read what has been written on Turkey’s policies in Syria, we feel as if we are face-to-face with a story of failure. Some even presented what has been going on after Trump’s declaration to withdraw U.S. troops as developments that are going t... more

The Gezi Park protests in France

What we had been through in June 2013 is a trauma for Turkey. When we consider the global developments, it is only natural that we are still under the effects of this trauma. Of course, we see the demonstrations which ransacked France within this fra... more

The dirty hands of the US, Israel and Crown Prince Salman

Those who argue that Turkey is not at the center of the world and that it does not revolve around us, those saying we need to approach the events taking place from different angles are wrong. The literal meaning of the sentence is correct; the world ... more

The meaning behind the silence about FETÖ

Tensions had been running high between Turkey and the West after the attempted coup and invasion on July 15, and this tension is still continuing today. Countries in western Europe, Greece, and of course the U.S. and Israel haven’t made a statement c... more

The Indonesia Islamic scholars council’s fatwa on FETÖ

After Dec. 17-25 2013, serious discussions began on the terrorist organization which came to be referred to as the “parallel state structure.” However, the terrorist organization, although it disregarded the law to orchestrate the Dec. 17-25 coup, th... more

The showdown between Turkey, US at the UN

U.S. President Donald Trump's speech at the UN General Assembly is important in many respects and should be carefully analyzed. For a long time now, the "axis shift" in American politics was clearly observed; this time the U.S. president, on an offic... more

Is the world greater than five?

The 1884-1885 Berlin Congress which determined the division of Africa between European states went on for four months. The impact of this congress, which is the starting point of the history of modern imperialism, still can be seen in African countri... more

The terrorism of US, UK and France

Those dismissive of conspiracy theories should first explain the striking of Russian-controlled points in Syria’s Latakia before the ink of the agreement signed between Turkey and Russia regarding Idlib had even dried.The consensus between Turkey and... more

It seems everyone was waiting for the barbarians

In the 19th century, the whole world, besides Western Europe, was invaded and colonized with the excuse to civilize it. In the present day, countries are still being invaded and colonized with the excuse of terrorism. Civilization used to be a tool o... more

Demand for structural change in the global system

During Trump's presidency, U.S. attacks on Turkey have become more explicit. Even though America's intention to stop, occupy and divide Turkey was known in the Gezi Park protests, the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT) truck case, Kurdi... more


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