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The West using Afghan civilians as target practice

Australian Chief of General Staff Angus Campbell confessed that the Australian military used civilians in Afghanistan for target practice, that they ruthlessly, willingly and knowingly killed them, and apologized to the Afghan people. Altering Campbe... more

Towards Turkish peace in Trans-Caucasus

There is talk of reports about Azerbaijani forces reaching Shusha in Nagorno-Karabakh and, as a matter of fact, that they have indeed entered the city. This is a critical development in terms of the reinstatement of a right to its lawful owners. If, ... more

Turkey-Azerbaijan axis versus the West's interventions

Russia and western European countries simultaneously supported Armenia with various justifications. Russia was backing Armenia in efforts to sustain its sovereignty in the South Caucasus, while western European countries were more concerned with thei... more

Turks and Muslims

When France banned the headscarf in 1989 a step had been taken to usher in the new era in the Muslim world. They couldn’t see the big picture back then. What was necessary was to evaluate the situation within the context of the unification of Germany... more

An Azerbaijan axis is rising in the Caucasus

It might be too soon to celebrate, but current events are laying the foundations for very positive thoughts concerning the future. We can now talk about an Azerbaijan axis in the Caucasus today. The Armenian occupation of Azerbaijani lands is not an ... more

The Turkey axis and the guardians of the region

Refik Halit Karay, a renowned Turkish author, did not believe that the country’s War of Independence would result in victory, which is why he wrote against it. The author, who has one of the strongest pens in Turkish literature, lived his life in exi... more

The invisible force influencing a stateless empire

Quinn Slobodian, a Canadian author and historian of modern Germany and international history, emphasizes the significance of constitutional courts in terms of the liberal order. Slobodian presenting constitutional courts and organizations that have g... more

The Erdogan effect on Arab streets

Matters concerning the division of the Ottoman Empire played a great role in the process leading up to World War I. West European states, big and small, had achieved their imperialist expansion strategy goals, and had carved up Africa. As the grand s... more

Libya belongs to Libyans!

The statement, “Libya belongs to Libyans,” made by our National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar contained a claim, while it also emphasized a new style of politics for the future. It does not hurt to refer to history to reveal the meaning of the stateme... more


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