Why Türkiye’s global struggle is against colonialism - SELÇUK TÜRKYILMAZ

Why Türkiye’s global struggle is against colonialism

One of the problems caused by the Russia-Ukraine war was the likely food crisis. After long struggles. Türkiye managed to bring Ukraine and Russia together with the UN secretary-general, an agreement was reached with respect to introducing Ukrainian grain to the world market. Russia's attack on Ukraine’s ports shortly after the signing of the deal shocked everyone. Though Russian authorities initially denied that they attacked the ports, soon after they assumed responsibility. This showed that there are more sides involved in the grain exports deal than meets the eye. It's obvious that Russia is dealing with serious problems within, but the real unseen sides of the deal are imperialist Western countries. It is very clear that they don't want the grain crisis to be solved. 

Türkiye has been saying for almost a decade now that “the world is bigger than five,” and is taking its steps accordingly. It should be particularly noted that these steps are a reflection of the views outlined in President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s book titled, “Daha Adil Bir Dünya Mümkün” (A More Just World is Possible). Hence, Türkiye's stance regarding the Ukraine war needs to be discussed in accordance with these views. Türkiye continued to maintain relations with both sides since the war first broke out, and thus paved the way to a solution towards the grain crisis. Countries like the U.K. and the U.S., let alone solve the crisis, waited for the problem to further deepen. Türkiye's active role in solving the grain crisis couldn't be seen as an insignificant development. Contrary to U.K. and U.S. expectations, it's not clear whether we can describe Türkiye's stance as objectivity. Türkiye undertaking the duty to ensure peace by bringing the parties together, while the U.K. and the U.S. did everything possible for the war to break out, is quite important. We need to see this as a reflection of the statement, “the world is bigger than five.” It means the ability to reflect its own will on the ground, to have a new perspective, without support from any big power. This has been increasing the trust in Türkiye in different regions daily. 

Türkiye topping the list of trusted countries in many regions of the world, including our near region, cannot be considered an ordinary development. The colonialist countries of the 19th century want to win back the colonies they lost in the 20th century. We need to seek here the answer to why the U.K and France want our region to surrender to chaos again. This is clearly seen in France's aggressive behavior as well. France wants to gain back the glory of the old days in West and North Africa, in the East Mediterranean. Foreign media gives wide coverage to the subject that Türkiye caused France to fall behind in West and North Africa, in the coastal region. Starting from Somalia and Sudan, the discussion in almost the entire coastal region, in West and North Africa, is Türkiye's anti-colonialist game setting. We can say that the trust in Türkiye is not without reason. This applies to nearly the whole Turkic and Islamic region. This matter is not limited to France.  

Certain groups in Türkiye had pushed Ankara to side with the U.K. and the U.S. in the early days of the Ukraine war. We can see that these groups are not concerned about Türkiye being a rising value and, in fact, they oppose it. The statement, “What business do we have there,” summarizes these groups’ perspective of the events. Most likely as a result of this, Türkiye's anti-colonialist fight is brought up on the agenda within. In an atmosphere which liberal conservatives align with colonialist and imperialist states, Türkiye's anti-colonialist struggle couldn't be expected to create an agenda. However, despite this, great importance is attached to analyzing colonialist heritage in different aspects. We are even yet to overcome the incorrect translation of the word colonialism.  

The major crises both within and in general in our near region signify great struggle for Türkiye. 

Türkiye has been fighting for perpetuity in every field for almost a decade, and overcoming every calamity stronger than before. This applies to regional problems as well. Türkiye is rising almost by breaking its chains. 

We established one of the greatest states of history in this region, and gave order to the world. There is nothing to be surprised about. 


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