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Whose threat is the AK Party-CHP coalition?

Those who try to make a political profit through the corpses of our very young children torn into pieces in the Suruç slaughter will give an account to the public sooner or later.

With such brilliant sentences, romantic talks, shortly, turning forty somersaults as the fair jugglers, they cannot escape.

With threats and blackmail, they cannot get anything.

Most particularly, by targeting the free media, which are against the guardianship, placing a bomb in Star newspaper, they can never escape.

No way out, they will give an account!


You can see how “ embarrassed” those who try to show Turkey as the supporter of ISIL are.

As a figure of speech, I say “embarrassed”; they fell into disgrace.

For example, Can Dündar , before the corpses of our children in the Suruç slaughter did not become cold, began the hullabaloo saying “Turkey supports ISIL”.

Soon after, he got the “fruit”: One of our soldiers and two officers were treacherously slaughtered…

Of course, he was not alone in this blame.

He is with the members of the “parallel gang” lobbying all around the world to be able to show Turkey as a country supporting terrorism.


The parallel gang is not only informing on Turkey to the world; isn't it giving intelligence support to the outlawed PKK or KCK, which stated that it would consider the government's building roads, dams and headquarters as a reason for war?

If we look at what Kurtuluş Tayiz, among the writers of Akşam newspaper, says, the answer is “yes”.

Let's read together his claim from Kurtuluş Tayiz 's yesterday's column, who was shown as a source and from whom a lot of columnist very often cited, till the Taraf newspaper and parallel organization were deciphered, from Cengiz Çandar to Şahin Alpay of Zaman newspaper : “ The police intelligence of the congregation that is discharged has turned into the outlawed PKK's intelligence organization (…) HDP's co-chair Demirtaş and Sırrı Süreyya Önder for a very long time were speaking as “according to the information we received.” Firstly, Demirtaş drew attention on the ISIL bombers. In one of his speeches, he explained that 'there were hundreds of terrorist cells all around Turkey.' I perceived this as HDP's indirect threat against the government. Through these bombers, Demirtaş was threatening the government which did not meet his expectations.”

Then I asked, “Did HDP have an intelligence organization?”

“After the slaughter in Suruç, the newspaper that is connected with the outlawed PKK, deciphering the identity of the suicide bomber, verified my suspicion.

It is the congregation's intelligence organization that gives intelligence to the PKK media.

As it is seen, those discharged from the government and those who have not been deciphered in the police intelligence began to work together for the outlawed PKK.

The congregation is providing the basis of intelligence for HDP and the outlawed PKK.

This intelligence mind is performing the perception operation of the organization…”

Look, this said claim is not only a claim of one of our precious columnists.

In the funeral of the two police officers who were slaughtered in Şanlıurfa by the outlawed PKK, in his speech, Provincial Police Chief Pınarbaşı said: “With the instruction they received from their brothers, shutting down the plate recognition system, they tried to escalate the public disorder and terror events. The terror attack in Suruç was taken as an opportunity by this organization; our staff in intelligence and the fight against terrorism who were working wholeheartedly day and night were targeted by saying their names for hours in the newspapers and TVs…”

If this terrifying claim is true, Turkey is under a threat bigger than it is assumed.

It is not the day for a political confrontation.

Everyone is responsible for the blood that will be shed.


The most straightforward has been Cemal Hasan in the “intellectual tribe ” that was trying to instrumentalize the corpses of the children in Suruç for the known coalition, and saying that the only option was the CHP- AK Party coalition.

Soon after the Suruç slaughter, in his article titled “ Early election could mean a blood bath!” he said this: “Today the path of mind is the AK Party- CHP coalition; the early election is a craziness that will turn Turkey into a lake of blood …

If we did not lose our minds, I think the necessary lessons could be taken from the Suruç slaughter…”


According to the July results of the ORC research company , the rate of those who say that the coalition should be formed is 28 %, whereas 72 % say an early election should be held.

It means that the statement “the voters wanted coalition” is nonsense…

Already, only 8.4 percent of the AK Party voters approve of the AK Party-CHP coalition that Cemal Hasan mentioned, as if trying to take the willpower of the voters hostage through the bombs. Only 18.4 % of the CHP voters say “yes” to a coalition with the AK Party .

Besides, 90.2 % of the AK Party voters and 57.9 % of the CHP voters want an early election. (8.3 % of the MHP voters want early election.)

Well, who doesn't want the early election?

Those, like Cemal Hasan, are not in favor, OK.

Who else?

HDP doesn't want an early election.

Not to say 81.9 %.

And, in Suruç, the bombs are exploding, our very young children are being slaughtered, and Cemal Hasan is writing: “ Early election could mean a blood bath!”


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