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We will break that finger you are waving

The usual suspect in the Suruç massacre is the subcontractor organization referred to as DEAŞ or ISIL. Then again, the situation doesn't change, even if the name of the organization changes.

The situation I'm referring to is; having a Muslim kill another Muslim (Kurdish-Turkish, Arab-Persian, Shi'ite-Sunni). This is the objective.

The objective, which had been stated by Kissinger right after the 9/11 attacks as “From now on, the conflict should be between Muslims”, is unfortunately being realized.

The game is quite obvious!

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Lavrov, had foreseen this game a couple of years ago and stated the following; “The West shouldn't attempt to disintegrate the Islam world. They should give up on having Muslims kill each other…”

They didn't give up, and they won't!

The biggest living luminary in the East, our master Sezai Karakoç, mentioned their absolute objectives with the following statement from his speech in 2011, where he stated that the Iran-Syria-Turkey conflict was a trap; “The West is seeking absolute invasion; the final invasion. Such invasion that assures that Islam will not be resurrected ever again and will be deleted from the map. This is what is happening. This is the threat we are dealing with, or rather, the reality we are living in….”

Sezai Karakoç said that the West's invasion will be more terrifying than the Mongolian and Crusader invasions.

Now, our invaders have returned.

Turkey is resisting against this invasion.

Let us avoid missing the bigger picture. The Suruç massacre is as good as the finger waved at Turkey by the Western invaders.

It's a scary threat.

Either we will kneel down, become a servant and lick the boots of our invaders, or we will stand upright without surrendering.

If we are not going to surrender, then we shouldn't waste time with nonsense.

It's necessary to become a full unity.

In order to stand upright, we need to lean on each other's backs; whether Alevi-Sunni or Kurdish-Turkish.

When we shout out “Together, we are Turkey”, the job will be done.

Because this attitude is equal to saying, “We will break that finger you are waving” to the invaders.

Unfortunately, following the Suruç massacre, HDP Co-Chairman Demirtaş made a statement similar to his calling that caused the October 6-7 incidents, where 50 of our citizens died; “The most important matter is that from now on, our community is required to take their own precautions. All of our provincial and rural branches of the organization should take their own security precautions…”

However, just recently, he couldn't stand the oppressions and said, “I'm calling out from here, PKK should definitely lay down arms against Turkey…”, thus made us all happy.

Before long, Qandil, through Cemil Bayık, made a calling to the Kurds to get armed.

Unfortunately, HDP Co-Chairman reached that line. Thus, revealed the line he worked under.

KCK also made a statement like they are acting as the spokesman of the “puppeteers” (even before the dead bodies of our young siblings become cold); “The murderer of these youngsters is directly the AK Party Government. AKP's hostility towards the Kurds and their relations/alliance with ISIL based on Kurdish enmity caused this massacre…”

Kurdish enmity, huh?

This is the reason behind referring to AK Party, which stopped the denial and assimilation towards the Kurdish identity in these lands, as “Kurdish hater”;

To have AK Party, which started the “national resolution process”, pay the price over PKK or KCK. (The one that desires this is the “third side”.)


KCK or PKK surely knows that ISIL or DEAS is a subcontractor organization, and has no relation with AK Party or Muslims.

Just last month, DEAS threatened HAMAS, and stated that they will destroy its power in Gaza. (Naturally, the “Israel terror state” rubbed its hands.)

Long story short; DEAS is conducting the area cleaning activity of the Racist Zionist network in the region.

Racist Zionist network…

The objective is to demonize the people, who are objecting to this invasion in the Middle East, over this organization and render the guerilla articles over this invasion as innocent.

My brothers/sisters….

Whoever is not emphasizing brotherhood and unity, pursuing animosity and polarization after the Suruç massacre; know that they have their eyes set on their share from the invasion or separatism.


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