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Who will lose tomorrow?

If we look at the statements made by PKK leaders, broadcasted on their own channels, reflecting on newspapers, it is obvious that the PKK is in a dire situation.

They are literally calling for “help.”

But from whom?

Whoever; the Republican People's Party (CHP), Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), Orthodox Kemalists, the Gülen Movement. And especially from the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP).

In brief…

As Aysel Tuğluk puts it, “secular powers” are called to help. (I say this as the ma'am had said, “secular powers come and do your job.”)

Well whom will they save the PKK from?

Of course from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Justice and Development Party (AK Party).

They have been saying that the AK Party is trying to deplete them; they are saying that they are being bombed; they have been killing our guerillas more than before; in sum they are crying out.

Well what is the AK Party saying?

They are saying; the PKK should put down its arms, just as it promised many times during the reconciliation process, and furthermore, they should bury their arms and pour concrete over them.


Duran Kalkan, a leaders of the PKK, said, “The PKK will not lay down arms, the Turkish government should disarm.” Is there anything more that could be said?

And really, despite making so many promises, why didn't they bury their arms? Because they don't want to miss the chance to kill Turkish soldiers?

In other words, what couldn't they express through their close-to-100 municipalities and 80 representatives, and why are they still making their statements by use of arms?

Why wont they agree to bury their arms?

Because the many Cemal Hasans will be saddened? Had not he headed to the mountains during the reconciliation process? Moreover, he had said, “Peace will not come without democracy” and threw himself to the feet of PKK chiefs in Qandil, begging them to return to a state of conflict.

The question now is: Is the PKK receiving the answer it wants to its calls, “Save us from the AK Party?”

Sure as hell it is!

The Gülen Movement is supporting the HDP against the AK Party, in places that aren't CHP and MHP strongholds. This isn't a bemusement anymore. After all, we are talking about a group with such a mentality that they bred the security forces that set cars belonging to civilians during the Oct. 6-8 Kobani incidents.

Anything more?

It went as further as to Emin Çölaşan, a Sözcü newspaper journalist who regarded the reconciliation process as betrayal, and Bekir Coşkun, a man who mocked the Kurdish accent, begging for votes for the HDP. (Years ago Fehmi Koru had written that the owner of Sözcü newspaper grew up as a Gülen disciple in Işık student houses.)

Anything else?

Aydın Doğan 's men in general. For example, Ahmet Hakan's tongue almost dried up sucking to a “bağlama player.”

Anything else?

CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu said on a televised show on one of Aydın Doğan's channels, “Why should the PKK lay down arms? It won't.” What more can it say?

For God's sake...

The CHP's television channel Halk TV had an Aston reading, “The General Staff's treacherous operation.” Don't be fooled with them rubbing it off, it was deliberate.

And more?

For instance, The Economist. They made a call saying just before the elections, “Do not vote for the Justice and Development Party on Nov. 1.”

It is ominous whether the notorious English magazine paid attention to the PKK's call for help, or whether it was the PKK that lent an ear to the network of which the magazine is a and thus isn't laying down its arms.

What else?

Of course the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) . They have run to the help of the HDP before each election (the Diyarbakır incident before June 7, and the Ankara Train Station incident before the Nov. 1 election.)

The tones they use are so similar: ISIL calls the president “Dajjal” and Gülen says “Pharaoh.”

Anything else?

The Oligarchs and Anglophiles and all the dotted and undotted addicted fools who walk on the parallel line.

No need to dwell on the “dotted addict,” as he has become insane with his hatred toward Erdoğan.

And the “undotted addict?” He has proven that he is the greatest manipulator this country has ever seen.

Even the “blind boatman” sees that the parallel structure was involved with the Hrant Dink murder. Yet, he hasn't said a word. You should be ashamed of the Hrant Dink Prize you received!

He is uttering insults and threats on top of that.

They think that: by silencing Erdoğan and the AK Party, they will be able to silence Turkey.

Turkey will never be silenced!

And you will lose in the elections tomorrow, even if you win.

Even if you silence us, it will continue! You will lose tomorrow, and every other day!

As the master poet, Sezai Karakoç, said years ago: “They believe that if we keep quiet, there will be no issue left. However, if we keep quiet, history won't. If history keeps quiet, the truth won't... They think that, if they are freed from us, there will be no issue left. Whereas, if they are freed from us, they still have a conscience. If they are freed from their conscience, they wont be able to be freed from the torment of history. If they are freed from the torment of history, they wont be freed from God's wrath.”


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