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Who conspired against Erdoğan and Putin?

If an issue is somehow prevented from being thoroughly discussed, it means that there is an operation in progress. I know this much for sure.

Neither the Arab Spring nor the Syrian issue were thoroughly analyzed.

No, I'm not talking about the silly group that calls itself “opposition.”

Besides, they don't comprehend anything beyond hostility toward President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Justice and Development Party (AK Party).

Everything that serves Erdoğan is bad, and everything that doesn't is good; this is their nature!

They even have Turkey being perceived as a “terrorist state” among their ideals.


They are wearing themselves out to prove Turkey wrong and Russia right in the recent jet issue. (When our plane was downed, they said Syria was right.)

If one of them were to say, “ Do you know the F-16 that downed the Russian plane, well apparently that was the president's son's...” there would be thousands of Koray Çalışkans to jump at it.

Is there even one of their kind in Russia?

That is to say, is there anyone who said, “What is Russia doing in Syria, and why did we commit a border violation despite Turkey's repeated warnings?”

What I'm trying to say is that, this group isn't even close to soundly discussing an issue. I mean “our guys.”

I am trying to understand why our friends, who normally strive to understand objects and incidents with a vigilant conscious, who activate the “critical mind” even on principle issues, despite coming from such a tradition, lock themselves up in a single perspective and cannot stand contrarian voices.

I have been one of the few voices that made contrary outbursts despite being grouped as “pro-government” since the Syrian issue came out.

Since I couldn't deal with it alone, I asked Sezai Karakoç to help. I mean I am resorting to his quote to help clarify the issue, “The Iran-Turkey-Syria conflict is a trap. The West is trying to commit its ultimate occupation, its final occupation...”

It didn't help, on top of that, I was threatened.

About the same time Hüseyin Hatemi, our academic, was mobbed; he was offended, thus he left writing.

I considered leaving writing, too, but, I don't have any other job to do.


One of the reasons I voiced a different opinion was because the media affiliated with the parallel structure wanted us to enter Syria. We don't need to discuss this, as archives are apparent.

America wanted a front opened overland.

It wanted a Zionist network. Çandar was supporting it as far as to say, “Reyhanlı is a cost.”

Thank God, then-Prime Minister Erdoğan pulled the brakes.

It is rather engrossing that the period in which Erdoğan pulled the brakes coincides with him being labeled a “dictator.”

Pity, there was nothing to do. We could neither remain silent against the atrocities, nor close the doors to the refugees.


The power wars are endlessly continuing through the organizations. The most useful subcontractor organization was the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), founded in Iraq and Syria.

Everyone was clinging onto ISIL to legitimize what they were doing.

Ultimately, Russia actualized its entrance into conflict with Syria via ISIL.

A while ago upon Russia entering Syria, columnist Mehmet Barlas had written that we shouldn't come face to face with Russia.

The dreaded happened.

As a result, we downed a plane belonging to one of the two superpowers of the world.

Whatever the reason, this is the result.

I can say this much: If you don't see something, that thing will become invisible for you. And if you are locked in a single perspective, it means that you are narcotized.

Foreign politics doesn't progress based on rightness. We are ultimately living in a world in which, the powerful is right.

Well, are we going to give into power and the powerful?

No, we shouldn't.

Yet, we shouldn't do this by leaning onto another power.

Be powerful within your own existence, this is the whole point!

All the same, the D-8, founded under the leadership of the late Erbakan, was an answer of the opposition to mercenaries, but, it paid the price with a postmodern coup.


The interesting thing is: The “parallel structure,” a subcontractor of the CIA, was denied entry into Russia by Putin, and Iran by Hameney.

Turkey has started to eliminate the “parallel organization” too.

We downed a Russian plane, and everything changed.

Russian spokesperson Mariya Zaharova has stooped as low as to resorting to the cursing Fuat Avni's allegations.

Those who want to turn the downed plane incident into an operation against Erdoğan and Putin have started to flatter Turkey.

President Erdoğan didn't give credit to the flattery and deciphered the “plot” as he said, “We didn't know that it was a Russian aircraft.”


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