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Where do Aydın Doğan's media stand with the PKK?

You do remember, right? Many names, like the HDP parliamentarians Leyla Zana and Dengir Mir Mehmet Fırat, used to say, “Only Erdoğan can solve this issue.”

In June 2012, Zana said, “All of us need to support Erdoğan for the resolution” and it was supported by the petition conducted by Kurdish intellectuals.

Actually, this opinion was the manifestation of the feelings and ideas of the distressed plurality of the community.

What happened?

“That period's Prime Minister” Mr. Erdoğan risked all his political life in order to stop the tears of the mothers, and get to resolving the “issue” at the risk of drinking the hemlock poison.

He paid for it dearly.

In reality, the Gezi bigotry, the December 17th coup attempt and the attempt to place the “dictator” perception were imminent in this cost.

Stopping the tears of mothers was equal to taking a giant step towards the construction process of the “Once again Great Turkey”.

Constructing the “Once again Great Turkey” was equal to draining the operation swamps of outer dynamics.


As you know, when the “peace process” began, the “Aydın tribe” turned mad; they climbed to the mountains by saying, “there won't be peace before democracy arrives.”

As a result, they wanted the PKK to continue fighting, or in other words, killing our soldiers.

When things didn't unfold as they desired, they started insulting Erdoğan.

They were aware of the danger.

They sustained their cautious position in the conflict environment; they knew that they would be “drained” along with the swamp.

They weren't the only one who wanted to turn green in that swamp.

Ethnicity and sect centric issues (with the contribution of fascistic policies like assimilation and denial) turned into “swamps” for the outer dynamics to easily conduct their operation.

Now, the question is;

Since those “swamps” were irreplaceable for the outer dynamics; then why were they insisting on the “Resolution Process”?

Really, why were they asking for resolution?


No; “resolution” was never what they wanted. They didn't even care about the deaths of Kurdish and Turkish children after all.

The “resolution” they were mentioning was to pave the way to imposing the map.

The conceptualization of the “Kurdish issue” (similar to Hürriyet's columnist Taha Akyol's orientalist titles like “Where is Islam heading to?”) by the Aydın tribe was even problematic.

Yes, Erdoğan was right; there was no such thing as the “Kurdish issue”; there was only the “issue of the Kurds”.

The classifications of those intellectuals were also problematic. For example, they were classifying Iraq as Sunnis, Shi'ites and Kurds.

People like Ahmet Altan were making classifications like “Islamists, Kurds and Turks. (When this mentality published the “Islamists walked for the Kurds” in the Taraf newspaper in 2010, I said if you said Muslims instead of Islamists, were you going to say “Muslims walked for the Kurds”, are Kurds not Muslim?)

As a summary, no issue handled by this Aydın tribe can be solved. Because, they are the carriers of the issue.

The reason why they referred to Mr. Erdoğan as a “dictator” was due to Erdoğan's activation of the “national resolution process”, which was going to provide unity instead of the “Resolution Process” that was going to cause “dissolving”.


Why would they refer to a leader, who paved the way for education in different languages and dialects in private schools, relinquished the usage of some letters that weren't in the Turkish alphabet, ended the “our anthem” implementation in the primary schools, entitled the right to make political propagandas in different languages and dialects, requested a transition to a narrowed election system that reduces the threshold to 5% and to move on to a regional election system by removing the country threshold completely, as a “dictator”?


The “national resolution process” was also reflected in Öcalan's letter which was read in Diyarbakır in 2013.

So much that, the Islam emphasis in Öcalan's “Today, the Turkish community should know that their common lives with the Kurds for the past thousand years under the Islam banner was based on brotherhood and unity…” statement annoyed Dear Çandar.

Besides, he also mentioned that Christians and democrats should be worried.

DTP Co-Chairman Aysel Tuğluk soothed these choice personnel of the Aydın tribe and said “PKK is the guarantee of laicism…”


The era changed and the U.S.'s subcontractor organization ISIL's violence started presenting itself in the region.

This time, the PKK was going to act as the guarantor of laicism (in the whole region) and even the right to live against ISIL. (On top of that, the PKK was going to act as TSK (Turkish Armed Forces), while HDP acted as CHP in the eyes of the known circles, which cannot live without guardianship.)

After all, one of the randy liberals of the Aydın tribe was whispering to them, “Conjuncture is available. Don't be contented with less; establish an independent government.”

The racist, Zionist network was also on their side.

Aydın Doğan's men and the pro-parallel gang were making propaganda that PKK and HDP will save us from the ISIL trouble.

As I've said before, the matter was to equalize AK Party and ISIL.

They attempted this inside and outside. For example, the Cumhuriyet newspaper, which was articulated to the “parallel structure” over Can Dündar, re-activated the MIT trucks issue.

Long story short: the plan was outstanding.

However, it was ruined.

It was revealed that the ones who killed policemen in their sleep were not different from ISIL.

However, the people who are imprisoned to Erdoğan's enmity still haven't woken up from their deep sleeps.

People like Bekir Coşkun, Uğur Dündar and Emin Çölaşan can't even see that they are being drifted towards PKK's side (by saying that our soldiers are fighting for the sake of votes).

They are so blinded by their Erdoğan enmity that they cannot even realize their being used for a psychological war.

Aydın Doğan's Hürriyet, the Posta and CNN Turk are not like this; they are aware of everything and acting quite sneakily.

They are trying to present themselves as “neutral” by siding with TSK and PKK, and thus, become a side with defeatism. By saying “showdown”, they are considering the elected president of Turkish Republic equal to the PKK-extension party's leader.

Aydın Doğan revealed his contribution to the February 28th coup by saying, “My media organs put up a war against the Islamist coalition government.”

Then, what does he want to do now?

If he is not going to say the same thing, what's with this vile state of his media organs?

No country's central media in the world can say to its own army and soldiers that “you are fighting for votes” while they are fighting against the enemy.

Mr. Aydın Doğan should put his men in order.

The blood that is being shed belongs to the soldiers.

Getting rid of this sin is nothing like getting rid of the February 28th event.


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