Ali Akbar Velayati, former Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs and senior advisor to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, underlined that Syrian President Bashar Assad is Iran's redline.

This is nothing new. They have been saying this for a long time.

Velayati also pointed out that foreign intervention shaping the future of the Syrian people was unacceptable.

Well, what is Iran doing in Syria with its soldiers and generals?

Moreover, as if the Syrian people's choice was Assad and Iran has been very respectful of this choice, they were invited by the Assad regime and so on and so forth...

Russia has announced that it entered Syria at Assad's invitation.

When it comes to the excuse (for everyone) it is already there. Daesh.

Why do they make a fuss then of Turkey's going to Musul at the Northern Iraqi administration's invitation?

What is this "Syrian people's right to shape their own future" hocus pocus?

How similar it is to the US statement "bringing democracy to Iraq" during the Gulf War.

In spite of everything, I find Mr. Velayati's saying that Tehran would make an effort to defuse the tension between Ankara and Moscow important.


In the NATO statements after the Russian jet was downed, we did not hear anything useful aside from "reduce the tension."

Truly, I did not like at all some of the American diplomats flattering Turkey with their enthusiasm: "Good for you, you ruined Putin's reputation."

Wasn't it significant when America said it was “not a part of the coalition activities" to fall Turkey into offside after it entered into Musul?

Hamaney's senior advisor says only the USA and Israel are happy with the tension between Russia and Turkey; he is right.

However, he has one thing missing...

The USA and Israel are not disturbed about a Syria with Bashar Al Assad at all.

Namely, they are willing to accept the "redline" of Iran in Syria. (Lately Kerry said that they would support Syria with Assad. Also two years ago, number two staff of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) Michael Morell said overthrowing Assad would create a threat to US national security.)

Eh, against whom was this "resistance axis" for?

If you say Israel, it is ravished with delight...

Arab Spring turned into a spring of fall, after Iraq, Syria was also ruined and in Egypt they did whatever they wanted with the help of coups as well.

Who will be happy if not Israel?

Hezbollah which defeated it in 2006 for the first time since it was established, has been in the trap of "sectarianism" because of Syria...

I forgot how many times I said: Unless Tehran doesn't hold Turkey's hand, and Turkey doesn't hold Cairo's, these impudent occupation raids will not end.

What a pity, by a coup they cut one of those hands, Cairo, that would reach.

Now there are two hands back...

One of them (the one that used to say death to America and Russia during the years of revolution) is now holding the hand of Russia saying “strategic, military cooperation.” It isn't only satisfied with holding its hand, but it also interprets Russia's entering into Syria as “joining the resistance axis.”

What should the other hand do?


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