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Our party has decided to remain under the threshold

No matter who says what, Turkey always needs the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), and the MHP needs to be managed more “consistently.”

Let there be no misunderstanding; up until now, MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli has managed the party quite responsibly.

Especially during ominous periods or critical thresholds, it has shown that it prefers Turkey's peace and future for everyday political interests.

For instance, the 411 hands that led Aydın Doğan's Hürriyet newspaper to write the “411 hands up for chaos” headline had included hands of deputies from both the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and MHP. Those hands, as you know, went up for freedom for the headscarf.

For instance, during a time when “Abdurrahman Başsavcım” made an appearance, Mr. Bahçeli stated Turkey needed the AK Party and opposed to closing the AK Party's doors. (No matter how you look at it, this meant “there is a need for President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.” In reality, the real aim of the notorious case to close down the party was to bring a political ban on Erdoğan.)

For instance, he stopped the “nationalists” from participating in the Gezi reaction, despite all that pressure.

This and his other similar actions led to “crutch” accusations.


Mr. Bahçeli had conquered the international plan that was planned to be activated against Turkey and took an attitude according to that; his political rival Mr. Erdoğan and the AK Party were of course not his concern.

The objective of inside and outside dynamics inherent to the racist Zionist network getting rid of Erdoğan at once was presenting “opposition” very little room.

It was such little room that many people who called themselves “opposition” strived or became “political psychos” in order to remain in this area.

One among them who started the day as though he was saying, “What did you do today to attack Erdoğan?” took to the mountains because he thought “peace” was benefitting Erdoğan. Now he started wanting “peace” thinking that “war” is benefitting him.

This really is a tight space!

So much so, that thinking nefariously, slandering Ms. Sümeyye Erdoğan as “oppositionism” could only be possible in this tight space.

There is so little room that there is no tolerance whatsoever for pluralism, that Yalçın Küçük announced Doğu Perinçek as an “Erdoğanist.” Now, you think the rest.

You can see how insufferable the fascist “peer pressure” labeling of all those outside of this little space as partisans of Erdoğan and the AK Party has become.

Mr. Bahçeli started to fully “comprehend” this pressure after the June 7 elections.

Still, right after the elections, he put forth the clearest and most unforgettable attitude: He told the AK Party and the Republican People's Party (CHP) to form the coalition, as the MHP would remain the main opposition.

He added that if they can't form a coalition, they will give it all they have; and if that doesn't work, they will go to early elections.

They activated the 60 percent bloc pressure.

Bahçeli resisted.

In fact, he even rejected the “prime ministry” bribe the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) offered through the proxy of CHP head Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu.

All his hopes were depending on an AK Party-CHP government.

When CHP wanted to establish tutelage over the AK Party rather than form a coalition, naturally, it didn't happen. (It was clear in all polls that neither the CHP nor AK Party electorate wanted this coalition.)

In short, the only alternative remaining was the AK Party-MHP coalition, but as you know, Mr. Bahçeli did not accept it.

He didn't accept outside support either. Further, he also opposed the snap election idea, which, a couple months ago, he had expressed as an alternative.

He had said he would not only lend a hand, but also give it all he had; he didn't only oppose the caretaker government, he declared his party's founder Alparslan Türkeş's son, Tuğrul Türkeş, who accepted the offer for minister, a traitor.

I will get straight to the point: There is the risk that the MHP might not make it over the election threshold. So, there is the risk that they may lose the little that they have, too. (I would never ever want the MHP to remain under the threshold.)

You can appreciate that this is a situation that will deeply concern circles that have enmity toward Erdoğan and the AK Party rather than Mr. Bahçeli and the MHP.

Because just as the HDP not making it over the threshold will make the AK Party come to power alone, the MHP not making it over the threshold will also make the AK Party come to power alone.

In this case…

The people who Mr. Bahçeli described as “Those dishonorable people who sit by the Bosporus as they sip their whiskey and vote for the HDP,” have the responsibility.

They need to direct part of the trusted votes to the MHP.

They are going to have to work to get the HDP voter to vote for the MHP thinking, “What does the HDP need 13 percent for? They can very well make do with 10 percent.”

There are two risks here: First, the HDP might fall below the threshold while trying to save the MHP. Second, Mr. Bahçeli might not accept this.


He could say, “Rather than passing the threshold with the votes of those dishonorable people who sit by the Bosporus as they sip their whiskey and vote for the HDP, we prefer to remain below the threshold.”

Is it not possible?


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