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Obama had to tell this lie

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's meeting with US President Barack Obama showed us that the US really cares about democracy and freedom, especially freedom of the press.

Well, actually, they cared about the coup and the pro-coup mindset in Egypt, but Turkey is not Egypt.

Once upon a time, they cared about those who tried to give Turkey's democracy a balance during the February 28 period.

It is not possible to forget dear Çandar's following statement: “The US supported the post-modern coup:” “It seems that two weeks after February 28 with the US Foreign Secretary Albright's invitation, a meeting on Turkey was held on the seventh floor of the ministry on Saturday March 12. Bernard Lewis, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle were all there. They discussed what had to be done about Turkey on that day. The conclusion that came out of the meeting was, “This government needs to go without a direct coup...'”

As you know, bringing a government down without “a direct coup” was called a “post-modern coup.”

Well, how did the US (in terms of democracy and freedoms) act when a direct coup took place in Turkey?

The September 12 coup was conveyed to then-President Jimmy Carter with this message: “Our boys did it.”

You might be saying, “Obama was not in government when the February 28 and September 12 Kenan Evren coups took place.”

You're right, he wasn't around.

However, the “parallel organization” was there when Turkey was “falling down.”

What was Obama's reaction when he heard that the Chief of Staff Gen. İlker Başbuğ was sentenced to life imprisonment for “founding an armed terror organization?”

“What the hell is happening, have the Turks lost it?”

“No, Mr. President, our cursing boys finished the job.”

When the parallel organization “finished the job” what kind of a reaction did the US show in terms of democracy and freedoms?

What did they do when İlhan Selçuk, Mustafa Kaplan, Nedim Şener, Erol Manisalı and Professor Türkan Saylan were prosecuted?

For example, did Obama feel the need to say, “I reminded him that he came with the promise of a democracy” in Erdoğan's absence?

In short, when an “autonomous structure” was in charge of the jurisdiction, meaning they can sentence anyone to prison when they feel like it, did the US send any warnings?

Why were they keeping quiet?

Because they believed in judicial independence, because they respected their decisions, or because contractor structure was dominating the jurisdiction?

Was the jurisdiction independent then? And is it now under Justice and Development Party (AK Party) command?

Back then, supposedly Pennsylvania was going to break Cumhuriyet daily Editor-in-Chief's pen, the Constitutional Court was going to give that inevitable decision and then that court was going to try him without arrest, you think?

They would have entered the cosmic room of the Constitutional Court and made life unbearable for the court that decided to try him without arrest, linking them to the Ergenekon Terror Organization.

To put it short, the cursing could not complete their December 17 and December 25 task in 2013, thus the job was tasked to the boys that did September 12.

For this reason Michael Rubin indicated, “In the case a coup happened in Turkey, the US would work with the pro-coup mindset.”

Thus, the cooperative intellectuals disguised as liberals have started to lay cobblestones on the road to a coup.

Someone from among this group of intellectuals said, “Democracy would come with a coup, too.”

We know that the US's “democracy sensitivity” is very “different” and “functional” according to their interests (just as they did in Iraq: letting go of democracy just to invade Iraq.)

In this respect...

We have to thoroughly reflect on Erdoğan's statement: “I was saddened to hear the statement made in my absence... I wasn't told anything as such...” after Obama said, “I reminded him that he came with the promise of a democracy.”

Why did the US president feel the need to explicitly lie?

Especially toward a leader who would rub his nose into that lie...

The example Akif Emre recently gave a quite explanatory example for this case, too.

Upon Rauf Denktaş declaring the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, İlter Türkmen, the foreign minister of the period, was welcomed by then-US President Ronald Reagan. Türkmen happily notifies Ankara that the meeting was very positive, that the Cyprus issue was not discussed at all and that the US president expressed that Turkey was a big state. However shortly after, the White House spokesman announces to the media that the steps Turkey has taken in regards to the Cyprus issue cannot be accepted.

Akif Emre continues on the topic: “Upon this statement made by the White House, İlter Türkmen calls a diplomat he knows and says that nothing of the sort was discussed in the meeting with the president. The answer given was “It doesn't matter. President Reagan should have told you,” which clearly shows how things actually run.

So, President Obama had to tell this notorious lie!

This lie is very important in showing the stage the perception activities on Erdoğan and Turkey are at.

In a world in which being right does not mean anything at all and in which power and the powerful are significant, there is no need to enter an argument with the US.

I would have to repeat the only thing that needs to be done: To expand the national alliances within, and establish good and healthy relations with countries in the region, starting with Russia...

There is no other way.


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