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Erdoğan's very interesting secret

Why is it that certain former regime remains, who have gained expertise in psychological war techniques, the herd of cursers skilled enough to steal Goebbels right from the pocket of Hitler, the “Pennsylvanian mistress” highbrow tribe, the baboon group of artists, Istanbul capital, obvious opposition parties, anti-Erdoğan AKP spinners, the “Anti-Reformist” Persian blatancy and the PKK network and terror and very well-organized both locally and abroad, and the Russian lobby, and all old enemies of Turkey are unable to oust either President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan or the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) despite having joined forces?

What is the secret to this?

Why is it that the conspiracies or footsies or all those plots end up getting in their own way?

Can you show me any other leader or movement on the face of the earth, able to resist, despite all these external and internal attacks?

Frankly, this humble question was inspired by Keçecizade Fuat Pasha's famous response to Napoleon III.

There was the incident when Napoleon III had said, let Crete be taken from the Ottomans and given to the Greeks, open the Suez Canal, transfer the administration of the holy sites in Jerusalem belonging to Catholics to France, and then he showed off: “These matters are a burden on your tired shoulders. The entire world knows how much your empire has weakened…”

İzzet Molla's son Fuat Pasha had given that unforgettable response: “His illustrious highness, can you show another empire that has been able to resist for 300 years the constant destruction by you from the outside and by us from the inside! Yes, neither you from the outside, nor we from the inside, have been able to destroy this empire!..”

There are many reasons as to why the Ottoman Empire did not collapse for 33 years. One of these is told with insight by Mehmet Gençin his book titled “Osmanlı İmparatorluğu'nda Devlet ve Ekonomi” (The State and Economy in the Ottoman Empire) through preferences of value. Next.

So, what is the wisdom that keeps Erdoğan and the AK Party standing, despite the notorious attacks?

Is it the lack of sincerity and genuineness of its opponents?

Let us take for example the group of cursers…

They no longer have any plausibility. They are messing up everything they touch. Such that those who used to touch them in the past would burn; now those who have ties with them ruin their reputation. During their coup attempt in the December 17 period, they kept saying, “they are going to flee abroad,” and as you know, it was they themselves that fled. They called this “migration.” They must not have seen Mehmet Baransu worthy of “migration” that he is still behind bars. (The truth is that none of them have been as much man as Baransu.)

Never mind their names, one of those who recently fled abroad, thought he could slam Erdoğan and the AK Party through Turkey-Israel relations.

The same person had previously “confessed” that Erdoğan and the AK Party were discarded for ruining relations with Israel, and that this was the reason why ties with “The Movement” had also soured.

Such an interesting herd they are…

Everybody knows that they have never been sincere regarding freedoms.

I had mentioned in this column yesterday that not every journalist in this country is a journalist, that Soner Yalçın, Nedim Şener and Ahmet Şık, who are directed by dark powers, have each become a part of the psychological war through their black propaganda, and how a prominent figure among this herd had said at the time how they turned journalism into a shield.

Let me remind of the venerable figure's words: “The books dictated by the dark powers aimed to serve a certain purpose, are of course an organized crime (…) If being part of this crime is journalism, then damn such an understanding of journalism!..” (March, 7, 2011, Zaman)

Attributing “organized crime” to writers and illustrators was child's play for them.

For instance, they were the ones who fabricated an organization called Tahşiye and had Mustafa Kaplan and 70-year-old Mehmet Doğan, who has multiple sclerosis, for a book that was yet to be published.

As for the opposition parties…

We all saw after the June 7 elections that they only thing left that they didn't do was hang a sign saying, “we are good for nothing.”

As for the PKK and its fans, everyone has understood that they are fighting a “proxy war,” and that they made preparations throughout the “reconciliation process” to move the clashes from the mountain to the cities.

There is no end to “proxy wars,” and no people will forgive proxy warriors.
(An example: The end of the Iranian people's fighters came once they received logistic support from Saddam Hussein, who attacked their country, and turned to a proxy attack on Iran.)

The promises made by the “highbrow tribe” that thinks being an opponent to Erdoğan and the AK Party is opposition, no longer have any value either, because they sentenced themselves in the Ertuğrul Özkök bracket.

Russia, Iran, et cetera are using “undertakers.” The state of all of their undertakers is obvious.

These are the greatest advantages of Erdoğan and the AK Party.


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