Resistance in Baltimore - RASIM ÖZDENÖREN

Resistance in Baltimore

Yes, I'm making a generalization and I'm not abstaining from it. The Western civilization is framed by a triangle of blood, fire and death.

The context of this frame is formed by two-facedness and double standards.

We had repeated our similar opinion many times within these columns.

The recent Baltimore incidents witnessed the manifestation of the same two-facedness and double standard once again.

In Baltimore, the biggest city within the State of Maryland, 25 year old Freddie Gray had either lost his life or had been killed while he was under custody. Following the funeral of the 25-year-old African American youngster who lost his life as a result of police violence, the incidents started. The U.S. government declared a one week curfew in Baltimore. The people who criticized the attitude of the Turkish police kept quite against the U.S. police's harsh attitude. One of those people was the spokeswoman of the U.S. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Marie Harf, who constantly criticized Turkey during the Gezi incidents… It seems that all of the people, who criticized the Turkish police during the Gezi incidents and exaggerated their use of violence and pepper gas, had lost their tongues. No, it's wrong; they are taking side with the U.S. police and trying to explain that the U.S. police are doing what's necessary against “violence”. The police are being criticized from the opposite point; it's being said that they were late in taking these incidents under control.

The segment, which had been charmed by the Western civilization, is also agreeing with the same double standard. They are also indigenizing the position that encourages the American police to implement violence against “terrorists”. In other words, the ones who took a stance against the police are now backing up the U.S. police in the Baltimore incidents. Because, this time the oppressed people are the African American ones….

I've repeated this countless times. The brotherhood principle in the U.S. is only valid for the white people. If your skin color is black, then the question of whether you will benefit from the brotherhood principle or not is related with the decision in the direction of the white men's interest. For a European, the African people are worthy of being exploited and turned into slaves.

Baltimore is burning, is that right?

The fact that a youngster had been killed is not important there. Because he had black skin… Baltimore is burning; who burnt it or caused the fire?

The ones who think that Racism, Fascism and Nazism had been buried in the dark pages of history can just look at Baltimore.

The ones who are speaking of human rights should pay attention to who is being regarded as human in the U.S. or Europe. One's humanness is designated according to his/her skin color, gender, race and religion. If your skin color is black, then the question whether you will benefit from the brotherhood principle or not, is answered in the direction of the white men's interest. If your skin color is scarlet, then there is no harm in applying genocide against you. If you are Muslim, they can draw a cross on your door and one day that house might be set on fire.

Baltimore is burning, correct. What's the attitude against the burning Baltimore? Who is the perpetrator of this fire? Observe that….


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