Will Trump turn into Obama? - ÖZLEM ALBAYRAK

Will Trump turn into Obama?

Republican Donald Trump's victory in the U.S. elections shocked the world, as his election campaign statements were full of hate, racism, discriminatory, misogyny and xenophobia and Islamophobic rhetoric. The U.S. was, however, a country that accepted immigrants every year with the green card and had people of different colors, cultures and religions living together. This was the reason it was called the “dream country.”

American nationalism is associated with the flag metaphor and the flag neutralizes all differences and mythicizes patriotism. If you look carefully there is no other “national-cultural source” than the flag that embodies patriotism (another form of nationalism.) Because that flag is nearly the only common ground Americans have. The flag is probably the only concrete thing they have in common.

While this was the case, Trump came up with an anti-thesis against not only former U.S. President Barack Obama and Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, but every value that made up America. He challenged every value the country had and became president.

Well, what is the reason for this contradiction? The reason for this is the same reason for the increase in the killing of black Americans during the presidency of the first ever black president of the U.S., Obama.

Some are connecting Trump's victory to the far-right racist, chauvinist tendencies that are on the rise in Europe and the developments in the world in the latest period. But we shouldn't overlook that American and European societies have rather different views in this respect. Americans are more tolerant toward foreigners and a nonhomogeneous society. Because, first of all an American's problem can be ignorance but a European's is being snobbish, which actually means that they would be more racist. Secondly, America is not a classic nation-state made of homogenous societies. America is made up of a gathered group of people. As a matter of fact, in our example, a candidate who speaks of erecting a wall on the Mexican border catching a higher rate than expected in Latin votes, shows that the majority of the community perceives Trumps statements as “outlandish remarks that will not be acted upon.”

Coming to the question, “Why did Americans put dynamite under their own values by voting for a racist?” the answer would probably be: “They were probably sick and tired of hypocrisy and clumsiness.” Using very assertive statements and rising to presidency, Obama turned into America's worst president and Hillary Clinton was perceived to walk in his steps. Therefore the millions voted for Trump instead.

Receiving the 2008 Nobel Prize by using justice, rights, freedom and democracy in his speech, Obama's administration discriminated dramatically against its citizens, especially the black population. There was an increase in the number of black riots despite the rhetoric of “equality” being heard all the time. The Middle East experienced the greatest chaos and tragedies during his administration's constant stress on “peace.”

Trump did not make any pretentious promises of peace, freedom and equality. Instead he targeted these concepts. Trump was honest in his madness and blunt with his discrimination, which came at a time the country was sick and tired of what was happening.

What will happen now? Will Trump be able to change the system after criticizing the system or will he just turn into Obama, one of the worst presidents of the system? Some argue that the system transforms the individual, but others say the system is made up of the actions of the individual. Some try to overcome this dualism by discussing the dichotomy of the system, the figuration concept and the process analysis.

I believe individuals like Obama, who do not have leadership qualities and are not adequate to be the president of a world power that makes global policies, are chosen by the system and then turned into the opposite. But no matter how much pressure the system puts on these “charismatic” individuals and no matter how much their efforts are hampered, they can succeed in turning the system around with their personal interactions.

The issue is, which of the two groups will Trump go into? The world does not need another global disappointment after Obama.

We will see what happens in time.


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