Why should we go to the ballot box? - ÖZLEM ALBAYRAK

Why should we go to the ballot box?

We are facing bizarre alliances again, with only a little time left till the elections.

The members of the parallel structure (also known as the Gülen Movement) who leaked details of the top secret Oslo meeting held between Turkey's National Intelligence Organization (MİT) and the outlawed PKK, who continue to wage a fatal war against the MİT since February 7, 2012 and who handcuffed and arrested tens of Kurds through KCK operations, nowadays talk about how well the co-chair of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Selahattin Demirtaş plays the bağlama (a traditional instrument with three double strings).

The Kemalists, who are so hostile to Kurds that they would rather die than come side by side with the Kurds, Atatürkists who cannot refer to the late Kurdish singer Ahmet Kaya without adding separatist before his name and who broke his pen through headlines reading “What a scumbag”, seem as though they are fighting to become winners in the competition to prove how appealing Demirtaş is…

Following the slamming of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan – rather than the armed terrorist organization- by the New York Times, the British Economist has put up a list of the reasons why the Turkish people should vote for Demirtaş.

He is that Demirtaş who accused the government of supporting ISIL –which opened its doors to all the Kurds from Kobani who were under ISIL threat, the same way it welcomed the destitute people who fled Syria, and which treated the wounded- for not carrying out a military operation across the border in Kobani, called on the people to take to the streets and caused the series of street vandalism which resulted in the killing of 50 people. He is that Demirtaş who until today posed as the peace dove and played a charming person by showing up on different channels, acting as though he is not aware of the fact that the armed extensions of the outlawed PKK – which have not withdrawn from the Turkish borders - collect votes through coercion in Southeastern Turkey.

Putting those aside, deputies from the Republican People's Party (CHP) – who, under normal conditions should be competing with the HDP are making statements saying, “The HDP should pass the election threshold.”

Yet, another alliance follows these bizarre alliances: The Gülen Movement –with their all-time ploy- serves the news to Cumhuriyet daily that the trucks belonging to MİT which were stopped by the Gülenist police and gendarmerie forces who were deceived by them had weapons with just a few days before the elections. The Cumhuriyet daily in return published this as their headline story.

Panic was at such a level that even the fact that the alliance between Cumhuriyet and the Gülen Movement would be exposed did not stop those who initiated the plan.

I am not in favor of the 10 percent election threshold. Under normal circumstances, I would only be pleased about the existence of the HDP under the roof of the Turkish Parliament and in terms of representation. However, as the bizarre points I mentioned above exhibit, Demirtaş is no longer the representative of the Kurdish people who demand peace, but it seems like he has become a tool used by some circles to achieve certain projects.

Until now, all of media-supported political engineering efforts were a product of the tutelage order and were directed towards not making the elected representatives do any work. This last mission is no different, as the possibility of establishing peace between the Turks and Kurds do not promise hope in terms of the resolution process. Because Demirtaş is being used as a card against the AK Party, which has strived to find a resolution and has paid a price for this cause. The only goal I see in these obscure alliances is; the Kurdish actors in external politics, and to sabotage the fragile peace between the Turks and Kurds through the use of terrorists in the Qandil Mountains.

To confine the country to coalitions through the instrumentalization of Demirtaş and the HDP, and if that fails, to deprive the AK Party of the power to reform the constitution by itself.

This is why the electorate of the AK Party who have lost their enthusiasm due to various reasons to run to the ballot box. To ensure that peace with Kurds is not left incomplete, despite some Kurds… Because this country deserves a constitution which is not a product of a coup regime…


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