Why can't Turkey convince anyone that they are not supporting ISIL? - ÖZLEM ALBAYRAK

Why can't Turkey convince anyone that they are not supporting ISIL?

As you know, yesterday ISIL attacked Kobani, which is under PYD's control. Two CHP parliamentarians, who didn't announce their source of information, claimed that ISIL entered Kobani from within Turkey's borders. Actually, this would have been sufficient for the provocators; however, the HDP Co-Chairman Figen Yüksekdağ held the Turkish government responsible for the happenings. Yüksekdağ gave a statement to BBC and said; “Since the vehicles with bombs entered from Turkey, now it's clear that Turkey supports ISIL”.

However, the records in the border cameras are stating the contrary. According to the images, the vehicles came from the Kobani side; in other words, it's not possible for ISIL to have entered Kobani through Turkey. Besides, while there are shameless hashtags in the social media like “TerroristTurkey”, the PYD militants injured in the attack were being treated in Turkey.

The lies blew up in the hands of the people who wanted to spread it. The return of Figen Yüksekdağ, who was making the “Turkey is supporting ISIL” statement not so long ago, was fantastic; “If ISIL, who attacked Kobani, is not being supported by Turkey, then the government should prove it”. This way, HDP Co-Chairman Yüksekdağ succeeded in being arrogant despite spreading a lie and parried the discussion without being hurt ethically by asking the government to prove something that doesn't exist.

However, as you know, this is not their first time; during the first Kobani siege, the other Co-Chairman of HDP, Selahattin Demirtaş; first got all the Kurds on the streets by accusing Turkey of supporting ISIL; caused the deaths of 52 people, including Yasin Börü; then saved himself from the argument by saying “HDP is not responsible for the happenings. It's the government's duty to find out the ones who caused the violence”.

In my previous article (dated 24.06.2015), I've explained the use of the “Turkey is supporting ISIL” label attached to Turkey and who paved the way for it. I will not repeat that.

However, it's necessary to state that in the recent years, the perceptions/opinions are prevailing over the facts in Turkey. Now, the opinions are being formed of expressions, which doesn't even possess a tiny bit of reality or evidence. These expressions are being repeated so much that, even the ones, who believe Turkey doesn't support ISIL, are failing to administer opinions and common feelings.

Why is it happening like this? Why is Turkey being insufficient in explaining itself and convincing public opinion? There are various reasons; first of all, PKK-PYD and their extension in politics, HDP, are being supported by the white Turks, who have hated AK Party and Erdoğan for the last couple of years. The ones, who cannot even talk about the tortures they've experienced in the 80s, are now presenting the armed murderers as a symbol of peace. Because, the rulership is equal to having the power to manipulate reality, and this power still belongs to the naughty intellectuals who were being fed by Kemalizm for 90 years.

White Turks are amounting to a group, which hates the democrat politicians put in power by the nation and are experiencing a deep hatred enough to even support the Kurds they've humiliated all their lives by saying “Kart-Kurd, Mountain Turks”. This group is full of hatred, maybe even enough to risk giving the Southeast of Turkey to the Kurds, in exchange for overthrowing Erdoğan, for their Great Kurdistan ideal. The second reason is; the fact that the religious intellectuals and media, who are necessary for AK Party's provision of expression rulership, failed to catch the wind AK Party acquired in politics, and the fact that the reputable people are in minority and/or don't care about teaching/developing.

In the end, it's not valid for Turkey to say that rulership is being formed with the ideological tools of the government. Because, in Turkey, while the realities can be replaced with lies, the government is being insufficient in stating their reality. If a President, who is the first President in Turkey who had been voted directly by a vast majority, is forced to announce the price of the things on his table, then it means that there are people; who don't recognize his legitimacy, who attempt to find excuses for everything he does, and who are trying to turn him into Menderes. And this means that they still have power in the country despite the 52%. Unfortunately.

You can never convince a person who doesn't want to be convinced. Another reason why Turkey is failing to explain that “Turkey is not supporting ISIL”, is the fact that the international forces have a plan in the Middle East, despite Turkey. The accusation of supporting ISIL is equal to making things easy for themselves, and in the end, they prefer to be oblivious to Turkey. If everyone loved their country enough, it could have been possible to avoid this…


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